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Windows 7 Editions
Previous | Next by elfie 26 June, 2009 - 3:48 AM

So Windows 7 is now available for pre-order. Amazon has Home Premium and Professional at 50% off for the Upgrade editions.

The lack of a deal on Ultimate kinda bummed me out because I was under the assumption that it was a similar model to Vista where Ultimate was a merger of all the features in Home Premium and Pro, but based on this chart from wikipedia, it looks like Pro has all the features that Home Premium does.

And I don't really see anything in Ultimate that I would need. I had been considering holding out for a MSDN event to give me a free copy, but $100 definitely feels like the right price point to me. Anyone else planning to upgrade right away? What version are you going for?

6/26/2009 >> elfie

I just thought of the fact that I can always just pre-order from amazon and if I get wind of the opportunity to get a free copy before then, I'll just cancel my pre-order. duh. :)

6/26/2009 >> AnarchyX

No MSDN Universal subscription? God I can't remember the last time I actually paid for something from Microsoft. I think it was 1997 for Visual Sudio 5.0/97 and I think even that I got reimbursed from my employer and it was the academic pricing .

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