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Wil Wheaton Stinks ... DOT COOOOOOOOOOM
Previous | Next by elfie 15 April, 2010 - 5:24 AM

First let me say that Wil Wheaton is actually pretty awesome. But if you saw Monday night's Big Bang Theory, you might remember Sheldon saying that he owned, .net, and .org. Well actually Warner Brothers owns them and is doing nothing with them, but I own (as well as and Wil tweeted a clip of the episode a day before the episode aired, so I managed to get in there early. I didn't get the .net and .org versions of the misspelling at the time, because honestly I didn't think anyone would visit them. I kind of wish I had.

According to google analytics, about 1700 people visited the night the episode aired, about 5900 people visited the next day, and about 2800 visited yesterday.

Interestingly, the second highest group of visitors by country was from Hungary! I'm not sure if they're just huge Big Bang fans or huge Wil Wheaton fans, or if they're just more likely than Canadians to misspell Wil as Will.

Another interesting bit that came out of the metrics was that one of my highest direct referrals came from a Sheldon/Penny fanfic group on LiveJournal. That frightens me a little.

But probably the coolest thing I learned from Google Analytics was that I was getting some referrals from Wil's blog. It turns out that someone replied to his post about the episode pointing out my website along with the .net and .org variants. For those that don't want to search for it, Wil's response was as follows:


4/15/2010 >> elfie

UPDATE: I replied on his blog claiming responsibility for and mentioning that I had emailed him about it.

*head explodey*

4/16/2010 >> rich

I don't care, but I care that you care!

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