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the joys of homeownership
Previous | Next by ben 24 May, 2010 - 5:25 AM

i've had an issue with slightly rusty water in the shower and sink in my upstairs bathroom for a while... so i finally called a plumber, and he told me to flush the water heater... so i did that... after 1 minute, it looked pretty bad, after 5 minutes it looked really bad, but it was starting very slightly to clear up. after a few more minutes, i shot a 10 second video of it coming from the water heater...

i'm about to go back for round 2... excitement!

5/24/2010 >> mike

So, how do you keep it from rusting up again?

5/24/2010 >> ben

i'm pretty sure that this was because of the original problem, as long as that doesn't happen again, i don't think it will reoccur.

5/31/2010 >> n0manarmy

Its good to get in to the habit of flushing it every couple of years to clear any sediment that's built up. This can also help reduce energy costs as your water heater won't have to heat through that sediment to get to the water.

6/1/2010 >> ben

yep, i should have been doing that from the start, and it's my plan going forward

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