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i am so mature
Previous | Next by sarah 13 February, 2003 - 7:00 PM

so last night on my way home from the grocery store, i waited patiently for the walk sign to come on instead of running across the street as usual as i was carrying bags of groceries and it's a bit icy. so it comes on and i begin walking across the street. as i approach the right lane a car is pulling up that doesn't look as if it's going to stop, so i pause and sure enough, with out even looking in my direction this asshole pulls through the crosswalk to make a right on red with out stopping until he is halfway through the intersection. this all happened very quickly and he totally could have hit me if i hadn't been paying attention and i'm glad it wasn't more icy than it was or i would certainly be in the hospital now...

so anyway - the dude passes right in front of me without so much as a glance, pulls halfway throught the intersection and the back of his car is like 6 inches in front of me. so i slammed my bag of organic pine kitty litter into the back of his car. it made a pleasing metallic thud and subsequently made me happy. although i would have been happier had i knocked out his tail light.

2/14/2003 >> spike

i love that organic pine kitty litter. I want the litter box out of the bathroom but hey what can one do, right guys?

So when you coming over for a hang out?

btw - why does your partner hate me sarah?

2/14/2003 >> spike

sarah & pete - could you babysit tomorrow?? PLEASE!

2/14/2003 >> ben

that was you? dude... i'm so sorry!


2/14/2003 >> Casey

I'm sorry, i really have to ask.... what exactly makes kitty litter "organic"? I mean are we really just talking about pine sawdust?

2/14/2003 >> sarah

honestly? i have no idea however, they're these neat little pellets of (i assume) compressed pine sawdust. so solid waste matter just kind of sits there and can be scooped and flushed and liquid breaks the pellets down to dust thereby releasing a nice piney smell. it never smells badly (used it for a month), one bag lasts at least a month, and it's relatively cheap (less than $5.00 per bag).

2/14/2003 >> spike

the best part of the kitty litter is that it can be used as compost after the cat is all done with it. So all you are doing is flushing cat shit and thats the most waste you waste. :)

i wish i had a compost pile!

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