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The Coolest Mathing On the Internet of the Day
Previous | Next by ben 10 December, 2010 - 11:44 AM

my coworker Jason sent me this page about doodling during your math class can lead to some interesting results... i'd have posted direct videos but there are a bunch, and they're all awesome. Enjoy! And.... 3.14 points to whoever is the first to get the reference she's making with the box for the Shoop.

12/10/2010 >> muhgcee

I wonder what her favorite text editor is?

Half of my comments and posts are the result of dozens of lines of chat with Ben.

12/14/2010 >> amylase

This is sweet! Thanks for sharing. I have no clue what she is referencing with the 3-holed box. Can you give me a hint?

12/14/2010 >> ben

I suppose so, since no one else even tried... One of my favorite books as a child was The Little Prince, and the Prince asked everyone he met to draw him a sheep. The narrator drew him a box, with 3 holes in it, so the sheep could breathe. She was drawing a single sheep, or a shoop, but drew it as a box with 3 holes in it...

that made my day, i might need to watch that again...

12/14/2010 >> ben

btw, if you were to GIS for Little Prince sheep, you'd get this:

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