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Previous | Next by sarah 15 February, 2003 - 7:00 PM

this is what it looks like outside of our back alley...and it's still coming down. well over a foot now, wouldn't you say?

2/16/2003 >> pyrex

Hehehe... a foot.. eeeeeeeehehehehe.. PFFFTT!!


2/16/2003 >> sarah

shut up, sasquatch!


2/16/2003 >> jackie

too much snow!! it's not right!! i'm not meant for such cold weather!

2/16/2003 >> pyrex

Mmmmmmmmm SNOW!

2/16/2003 >> pete

I wanna go out and run around some more...

2/16/2003 >> muhgcee

I am in WI right now and its not snowing. But, I won't have to miss calc class that won't be happening anyway because of . . . "Due to inclement weather conditions, UMBC will be closed on February 17.
The UMBC Technology Center will be closed as well."

2/16/2003 >> pyrex

Mmm.. snö. They never close anything here because of snow. Instead they're all "go go contigency, must clear streets now, get national economy going, stat!"

Somehow, though, all of a random during this fall, the subway in stockholm had trouble with leaves lying on the tracks, which had drifted in from the open tracks. Made it all slippery 'n' stuff, bad for the train cars.

2/17/2003 >> robin

Yes, i'm alive...and home in Detroit. It's so damn cold here, although, no snow...I've been watching the weather reports...I hope all of you are surviving the blizzard like conditions. Build lots of snow people and stuff....Wish me all the best of luck in getting BACK to bmore...i'm a little worried that my return may be delayed by a day or so.....miss you all :)

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