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I'm new here. This is how I write.
Previous | Next by Septimus 16 February, 2003 - 7:00 PM


I'm new here. Some of you I know and some I don't.

As I gaze out my window and see only white, I wonder just what the next few days will bring. Still snowing. 30" so far.

The woman who lives in the apartment 2 floors down just came to use the phone. She doesn't have one. (The fact that a person living in the same building I do dosen't have local phone service while I ponder what color face plate I get for my cell phone will be discussed later.) She said she was just visiting but I know she lives there.

There are 3 generations of their family living in that apartment. I've seen eviction notices on their door 2 of the 3 months I've lived here. There is one male, the companion of the eldest female. Their daughter lives there with her infant. I've heard the mother and the daughter -- the younger mother -- fight often. Their fight usually result in the daughter putting the infant in a carrier and storming out of the house, violently rocking the child from side to side.

The old man never fights. He always goes to the bus stop in front of our building. He doesn't get on the bus. Is he looking for a trip to a different life? I doubt it's anything that poorly constructed, falsely metaphorical, "WB" style drivel designed to make people think they're thinking. I think he just wants to sit quietly somewhere, anywhere, else.

2/17/2003 >> Casey

You write like Barbara Walters talks. Spike and Sarah S, you should know that this dude septimus is Joe (if you weren't already aware of his moniker du jour). Chris and I are going to take out the vid cam today and make snowmen and tape people fallling down on slippery things. Maybe we will submit our funny videos to EA, and to AFV. If we win 50 thousand dollars, I will buy EA a new Macintosh RAID server. Then I will build an army of rotweilers with ram's horns. I will invest the remainder in energy stocks.

2/17/2003 >> muhgcee

Please submit anything and everything! I have plenty of space on my server, send me an email at and we can arrange getting whatever you want onto the site.

2/17/2003 >> Septimus

You didn't totally have to blow my cover. But I still got swipe in on "WB." Barbara Walters. Hmmm. I'll have to chew on that one for a while.

Now is when living in the burbs sucks. No close metro, no buses running.

Casey, we have to propagate the term RamRotts from now on. It's more commercially viable.

2/17/2003 >> ben

hell, i live in north baltimore, and i can't even get the 50 yards to a major road... i'll be in until wednesday (but now i have dialup on my laptop! so i can geek out all day tomorrow!)

2/17/2003 >> ben

not my favorite emperor by the way, but the short hair did have a special place in my heart, hehehe. his wife was very w00t thought

2/18/2003 >> pyrex


2/18/2003 >> robin

I wish I was only "stuck here" until wednesday...but alas, I will see you all on Thursday, weather permitting.....

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