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Ready Player One
Previous | Next by elfie 13 September, 2011 - 8:54 AM

Were you alive for at least half of the 80's? Love video games? Play an MMO? Play D&D? Memorize movie dialog? Watch a lot of tv? Enjoy sci-fi? Consider yourself a geek? I'd say if you can answer "yes" to 5 of those questions, Ready Player One is required reading.

You can also get half points for being into anime, complex puzzles and riddles, hackers, samurai, online anonymity, gender identity, giant robots, or Rush.

The book is written by Ernest Cline, who also wrote the screenplay for Fanboys (which is a totally awesome movie if you're a Star Wars fan).

As an amazing extra bonus, the audiobook is read by Wil Wheaton, who totally nails it. I just finished listening to it this morning and I absolutely completely loved it. I cannot recommend this book enough.

9/14/2011 >> elfie

I just can't stop thinking about how awesome this book was. I started listening to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter when I finished it, but I just can't get my mind of Ready Player One. Maybe I'll listen to it again...

9/14/2011 >> ben

hehehe :) should I not wait to finish my other book and DL the audiobook from like, TPB or something?

9/14/2011 >> elfie

No you should not pirate the audiobook, BEN :p

But also, you told me that you have trouble paying attention to audiobooks, so no... you should read it on your kindle as planned.

10/1/2011 >> elfie

So, Ben, now that you've read it... review?

10/1/2011 >> ben

Il make sure to write a good one when I get back... But for now, it was awesome... :)

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