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Eat Out Tokens
Previous | Next by elfie 05 March, 2012 - 7:59 AM

Pie and I keep trying to set limits on how often we eat out, both for our health and to save money. The last declaration was that we could eat out no more than once a week, which we both immediately independently decided meant "no more than once a week together." And yesterday we ate out (together) for every meal. So clearly that didn't work.

So we've come up with a new plan that we're starting today... Every morning we each earn 1 Token, but we can never have more than 5 Tokens in our possession at a time (again, that's 5 each). Normally, eating out costs 2 Tokens, but it only costs 1 Token if any of the following conditions is met:

  • Neither of us is paying for the meal
  • The meal costs a total of 6 or less Weight Watchers Points
  • We are eating out together (it still costs us 1 Token each)
I'll try to post occasional updates on whether or not we are actually capable of following this. We just started today and I'm already 1 Token in the hole, and I expect to still be at -1 at the end of the week, but I'll post a follow-up comment shortly with how that math works out.

3/5/2012 >> ben

What are the repercussions if you end the week in the negative?

3/5/2012 >> ben

alternately, you could try this money saving technique...

3/5/2012 >> elfie

So as for how I'm gonna stay in the hole all week, I have a lot of recurring every-other-week activities, but they all fall on the same week, which happens to be this week. So not counting the fact that I already went to Qdoba, this week would have gone like this:

Monday: Earn 1 = 1
Tuesday: Earn 1, every-other-week Work Breakfast -1 = 1
Wednesday: Earn 1, every-other-week D&D in Towson -2 = 0
Thursday: Earn 1 = 1
Friday: Earn 1, weekly Work Pizza -1 = 1
Saturday: Earn 1 = 2
Sunday: Earn 1, every-other-week Dragon Age take-out -2 = 1

So since I spent 2 tokens on Qdoba today, that puts me at -1 at the end of the week, but back on track at zero come Monday.

Ben, to answer your question, there are no repercussions, because we are simply not allowed to go in the hole. This week is an exception because of all the pre-planned things and the fact that I went to Qdoba before starting the rules, but if I find myself in the hole at the beginning of one of my "heavy weeks" in the future, I'll just have to skip some of the pre-planned meal events until I save up enough Tokens (meaning I'd bring food, not that I'd go without eating).

I will note that even a stop at Starbucks for a skinny latte would cost a Token, so we've really gotta want that $4 coffee.

3/7/2012 >> rich

Now I fee guilty for only feeding you popcorn on Sunday.

3/7/2012 >> elfie

No need to feel guilty, Rich. We were perfectly capable of just going home and eating, but decided to go to Five Guys instead.

3/7/2012 >> elfie

Also, for a "how is it going" update, we have picked tokens and containers for them. I'm using five poker chips from The Blinds, and Pie is using five rocks that were left with a flyer from some roofing company (don't ask me to explain that). I'm a little concerned that I'm gonna have trouble remembering which bowl is the "earned" bowl vs which is the "spent" bowl, but we'll see.

Things did work out so that I am no longer going to be in the hole this week though. We decided that since we came up with these rules AFTER my Qdoba lunch, that shouldn't count. Also, we had D&D last night instead of tonight and someone else paid for food, so as of this morning I am at exactly 0 and Pie is at 2. So far so good.

3/19/2012 >> n0manarmy

Might not be a bad idea for an app to make?

3/20/2012 >> elfie

Stu, I was actually considering that. I wanna give it a bit of a go with physical tokens first though. I think starting next week will be a much better test. We were in Florida over the weekend, and Pie is in Alabama now, leaving me to fend for myself. So, it's been pretty hard for us to stick to this this week.

3/21/2012 >> ben

Jamie, that's Penn... unless there was a comment that got deleted? Stu is stu here, hehehe

3/21/2012 >> ben

Also, I like the idea of an app... a nice simple one!

3/23/2012 >> elfie

hahaha I have no idea why I said stu..... brain melty

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