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Phrases that I hate that I have no control over how much they're completely being changed...
Previous | Next by ben 19 March, 2012 - 5:33 AM

People create language, I accept that, but when you argue that it grows organically, I say that means that it grows - that is, it shouldn't regress, or move laterally even, but expand and grow.

When you say that you're "drinking the cool-aid [sic]" - you may BELIEVE that you are jumping on the bandwagon but you are, in fact, committing cult suicide in a small country in Africa

When you say that you are setting up a straw man you are not, in fact, creating an outline of a plan (link goes to word document), but in fact, arguing fallaciously. There are more, but these two were both used multiple times today, and are aggravating me greatly.

3/19/2012 >> n0manarmy

See, now, I use the drinking of the kool-aid reference with Apple fanatics and they get upset because they think I'm telling them that they're some kind of fanboy people following and idolizing a company, when in fact, if Apple released iPunch and filled it with arsenic, there'd be a lot less Apple fanatics about.

Also I had a bad BAD habit of abusing Literally and "So on and so forth." My friends were kind enough to abuse the shit out of me until I stopped. Now I to deal with a coworker that ends every sentence with "so on and so forth." I'd slap him if he wasn't my senior.

3/21/2012 >> ben

hehe, now you're getting into the realm of Listen up, Internet... which I'm also OK with.

5/3/2012 >> travellingpennies

Remember how you wanted me to have a login for your site and comment and stuff? Well the Jonestown incedent was in South America so....Good news is I have found another way to keep myself entertained at work as who'd a thunk I could look at this but not anything else!

5/4/2012 >> ben

Yes yes... i thought it said Ghana... blargh

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