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Back Me Up here...
Previous | Next by ben 28 March, 2012 - 7:23 AM

I just got a new 2TB external HDD after my iomega 1TB croaked, and I'm looking to back up all 3 of our home PCs. They're connected wirelessly to the network, but one is running XP and the others are running win7. One box (running 7) is always on, the other two periodically.

The awesome IT guy at work recommended Acronis which would cost $80 (on their site... Invisible Hand says Amazon has it cheaper) - has anyone used this? Do you recommend something else? The reviews online are all 5 star that I've found. I just want to make sure that my topography won't screw it up.

That is all.

3/28/2012 >> ben

Hrm. Strike the comment about all 5 star reviews... Amazon reviews are all over the place (with mostly 1 stars...) I'm going to read through them to discard the chaff and see what the real problems are.

3/28/2012 >> ben

Apparently it's their Enterprise level that's awesome... home, not as much... I'll keep looking

3/28/2012 >> ben

He came back and recommended Ghost or Amanda... I'm looking hard at amanda now...

3/28/2012 >> ben

If you don't want to discuss here... head over to my VERY FIRST EVER REDDIT POST at

3/28/2012 >> mike


3/29/2012 >> ben

2 people on Reddit (where I have NO upvotes, thank you very much) recommended CrashPlan, which looks to be free if I do it solely locally, but have to pay if I want to do offsite backup (which I don't right now, but I might someday, so i should remember this)

3/29/2012 >> jay

I've used both, and they both work (Amanada/CrashPlan). I actually used Zmanda Cloud Backup for awhile too, it was my fave, pushed out to AmazonS3

3/30/2012 >> ben

ok, well, that settles it... Amanda gets the most votes... ? hehehe

3/31/2012 >> n0manarmy

I've heard good things about Amanda and Zmanda. I, however, am a firm believer in manual backups and fear the idea of set-it-and-forget-it systems for personal use. I use dropbox for my uber critical stuff and external drive for my manual stuff. At this time if my computer died, I'd be sad but would be able to recover all of my important things.

5/3/2012 >> travellingpennies

Does it matter that all the computers now have Windows 7?

5/4/2012 >> ben

newp... or it won't if i ever plug in the HDD and implement this

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