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There was no one to stop me this time!
Previous | Next by ben 03 October, 2012 - 5:39 PM

woohoo! I am writing this as I start to watch Star Wars Episode IV in all its unrestored glory!. I first heard about this version on - i have no idea how I got there, but I'm so glad I did.

Note: I didn't end up using the above mentioned links to acquire my copies, but they're a good place to start... torrenting them is probably a good idea, your mileage may vary...

I'm loving mine though. this is glorious.

UPDATE: did any of you hear about the Senator screening the original 70mm version back in 2010?

10/4/2012 >> elfie

We were supposed to set up some way for me to acquire this directly from you. I think we both forgot.

10/5/2012 >> ben

For some reason, every time i try to log into Mesh, it crashes on me...

10/5/2012 >> elfie

Well, stop doing it wrong.

10/5/2012 >> ben

I'm sorry Jamie! i don't mean to be such a cunt!

10/6/2012 >> elfie

HAHAHHAHAHA oh man. I haven't used that in a million years! I gotta find an opportunity.

10/7/2012 >> ben

so... yeah. Live mesh is still failing harder than a one armed man at a handstand contest.

How about we just private torrent?

10/8/2012 >> elfie

Sure. Set it up, send me a link.

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