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Canceling Audible
Previous | Next by elfie 05 June, 2013 - 9:23 AM

So, about a year ago I canceled my audible account and in the process I learned that they go through several steps of offers to try to get you to stay. The first time, I continued with the cancellation and then re-started it again once I finished the books already on my account, but this time... I kind of want to see how much I can game the system... so I'm gonna use this post to keep track of how it goes.

June 5th Cancellation Attempt
First offer: Go on hold for 90 days, keep all the membership benefits, but gain no new credits and pay no fees during that period. Declined.
Second offer: Get a free book from this list of options. Accepted and picked The Graveyard Book.

I am going to try canceling again in about 3 weeks, before I get charged for another month of service, and see what other offers I get, if any.

6/20/2013 >> ben

so, any news on this?

6/21/2013 >> elfie

Hasn't been 3 weeks yet :) But maybe I'll move ahead early and try again today.

6/24/2013 >> elfie

June 24th Cancellation Attempt
Canceling again now. Selecting "the membership fee was too expensive for me" as the reason, which is also what I picked last time.
Declining the offer to put my account on hold.
Declining "AudibleListener Light Plan" for $9.95 a year to keep all the discounts, but get no credits.
Looks like that's the final offer. The last page of the process just asks me to call them if I need help with anything and has a "Finish Canceling" button.

Since there's no new offers, I'm gonna see if I can start the process over and do the 3-month "on hold." Now I get the same offer, but it throws an error when I try to put the account on hold. I'm guessing it's because my account has already been on hold in the last 12 months. I will try chatting with their support people after 9am (when I think they become available).

6/24/2013 >> elfie

Successfully put on 90-day hold via chat support. Hopefully I can catch up on some of the books in my queue between now and then :)

6/24/2013 >> ben


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