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Trent Reznor interview from NPR
Previous | Next by ben 05 September, 2013 - 7:58 AM

Yesterday, I caught a few minutes of NPR's Trent Reznor interview... it's long, but got some great thoughts. I like this one a lot: "just because everybody now has the ability to be a self-publisher and broadcast every whim and thought to the world, it doesn't mean that that opinion is necessarily valid or needs to be consumed or listened to or paid attention to."

9/7/2013 >> found_drama

That quote reminds me of something that I read recently on ... I think it was something on the site? (Something to do with scifi/fantasy publishing...) Anyway: it was part of a large article about self-publishing and how a lot of organizations that issue awards and prizes (e.g., the Hugos?) don't even consider self-published stuff.

9/9/2013 >> ben

So are they saying that the books that get published have passed an initial minimum quality test? I think that's definitely overall good - you're probably culling a lot more crap, and the time saved not reading that would make up for any good kernels you'd also throw away.

On the other hand, the DJ world has often confused me on that level - locals get their name out by playing gigs and making their own mix cds (or tapes, or laserdiscs if they're into that kind of thing) and getting spread much more by word of mouth, until they're big enough to need an agent (or get signed to/create their own label) - which, at that point, I assume, becomes their "published" status? But now they've got soundcloud/facebook etc. and you can hear any local norwegian techno dj who got his start last tuesday and has played a total of 1.5 parties, after passing out at his friend's pool...

9/10/2013 >> found_drama

I'm sure there's a SoundCloud equivalent for writing. I think the difference is that people don't have the same patience or tolerance for reading crap. That Norwegian techno DJ who has played 1.5 times might have some great selections for his mix; but a short story or a novel isn't a mix tape.

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