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Previous | Next by pyrex 01 March, 2003 - 7:00 PM

Ok then.. 2 sites. Check 'em both out.. Kooky..?

3/2/2003 >> Casey

Not kooky, but a little too black and white for my taste. My stand (most people's?) is just a lack of certainty, not a certainty of one or another position. If Saddam blew up Chicago, or if there even were a trace of armed rebellion in non-Kurdish Iraq, fine then, we go in and grease him. But there isn't, so maybe I look for something to support the peace movement. So I look for patriotic Iraqi citizens travelling abroad speaking at the anti-war protests (not happening). Maybe I look for signs that volunteerism for the Iraqi military is up and that morale is very high (it isn't, the defections and desertion are shooting up already). So okay, there is basically nothing solid to support one side or the other for me at all. In my perception Iraq is a big country of deflated people who are too tired and run down to give a shit who runs it.

I have no doubts that a war with Iraq would go very smoothly and that Iraqis would be better off under American sponsored government. This seems evident.

I only worry that in invading Iraq, a sovereign country, we give the moral higher ground over to fundamentalist muslims. The lack of an ethical premise to invade Iraq would only bolster the fundamentalist position of America being an aggressive totalitarian hegemony, regardless of how much better life would become for the Iraqis themselves.

I want the Iraqi people to better off, but I don't want America to be an imperial conquerer. I'm actually far more in support of all the efforts the Arabian nations are taking to get Saddam to just step down. That probably won't happen either. Heck I think we should just offer Saddam international immunity. Let him live out his days in peace in the country of his choice in exchange for the rule of his country. Think he'd go for a deal like that?

Someone should write a "pledge of confusion" page.

3/3/2003 >> pyrex

I meant more the similarities and differences between the two. Same design almost, etc, but completely opposite sides. Ah nevermind.

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