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human civilization surrenders
Previous | Next by pyrex 16 March, 2003 - 2:27 PM

This coming week, the Earth will cringe.

While our planet's axis will change near the end of the week, resulting in equal length days and nights wherever you live on our fair globe, we too will most likely cringe. Cringe at what now seems to be an inevitable conflict, cringe at our leaders, and cringe at ourselves for what our race has become.

In the year of 2003, when 40 years in the past we expected to be living on the moon, flying around in rocket cars not worrying about so old a thing such as fossil fuel, and being at peace with ourselves, we will wage a war without a stated purpose.

Of course, one can muse unto insanity on what reasons our appointed officials have chosen this time to justify their barbarism or one can simply choose to listen and follow the flock. But as for me, this seemingly blinding bloodlust can never be anchored.

In the past century, we probably achieved more in a hundred years than we're ever likely to again. Yet we persist in petty squabbling, and our brains remain eerily primal in their function.

Why, I ask myself, and how. How could we go to the moon but still have the basic instincts of our evolutionary ancestors? We've gone through the ages of exploration, conquest, art, and science. How can we still act like we do? We dare call ourselves civilized, yet the people we want to trust as the "wisemen" of our tribes charge off on their personal crusades; with the surge of power pumping in their veins they ignore the cries of the people and their duties.

No, the coming week will probably not be a great leap in humanity.

Enough ranting, I'm going to sleep.

3/16/2003 >> muhgcee

What our race has become? I think our race is better off than it has been for most of history.

3/17/2003 >> Anne

I heard a wonderful commentary on NPR this weekend

it discussed all the oxymorons surrounding this war, including how we're defying the UN in order to punish sadam for defying the UN, and how in order to preserve peace we must wage war.

I've come to the conclusion that OXYMORON is a good way to describe the impending war.

As well as MORON is a good way to describe our president.

3/17/2003 >> spike

in most regards i fail too see how the human race has advanced, except in finding more complete ways to kill ourselves.

3/17/2003 >> ben

advanced? what are your criteria for advancement? infant mortality, average age, height, nutrition, technology?

yes, we're in a bit of a scary spot, but imagine living any time from 1000 to 1350 CE, and think about maslow (hooray thought)...
our needs, and the needs of most of our friends, are well met, compared to the average of those people 40 years ago even.

2 words: "Black" and "Death"

3/17/2003 >> Anne

yes, but there's a difference between advancement and complexity.

The world is a more complex place in terms of technology.

and people are living longer.

but are they a happier species? Is life "better"?

Good question...

3/17/2003 >> ben

word, andi...

like i said, what is your term for better, personally, i take maslow and say, well, my needs are taken care of, my personal happiness is up to me, and i can decide what it is on my own to be happy...

pastways partways, people probably couldn't as much

3/17/2003 >> spike

are your 'needs' being met, or are your 'needs' being produced for us and then met according to what we have been told we 'need'?

It seems there is some euro-centrism going on here about what advancement might mean. Is it possible that other cultures could have been happy without the complexity of european advancement?

I, for one, think we would be much 'happier' in small communal societies where one lived a more 'primitive' life, if the social roles of that soceity allowed for an equality not of actions but of possibility. Each would then be respected for their role in the social structure not because of any hierarchical structure but because of an understanding that the good of the many is as important as the good of the one. One might say i seek a balance between selfish individualism and subordination of the individual to the group.

I dont think it is enough to ask whether one's needs are being met and base ones happiness on that sole condition, since perhaps ones hapiness may be dependent on the oppression of others ie, the needs of whites in JIm Crow south were being met, they could be said to be happy, but at what costs to the african-americans in the south? The value of such hapiness is depressed in that case because we should be asking about the hapiness of others while searching for our own. Any other valuation of happiness without at least thinking of others is morally defunct.

Advancement to me would be a great value placed on care for all others. So that each person would be careful that their desires and hapiness would not impinge on anothers hapiness. Sadly this world is not here as of yet.

dren- never taken statistics, but yeah any statistic, poll can be skewed to represent your views. I think thats pretty much an axiom of statistics.

3/17/2003 >> Anne

stats are all a made-up science.

one thing I've learned - there is a statistical test to prove or disprove any theory on any data

as for the polls however, their sources do show 2-1 support. but who do they poll? mainly republicans. mainly those with money. mainly people sitting at home answering their phone or who fill out mall surveys.

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