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Book Marketing And Book Promotion Tips
Previous | Next by ChristineMeany 05 March, 2018 - 11:03 AM

Nothing is more important to the success of your literary masterpiece than book marketing and book promotion. After all, how will people buy your book if they don't even know about it? That's why it's important to get the word out and create interest. These tips can help writers ensure that their book is a financial, critical, and personal success. What's Different About Your Book?

It's important to communicate the reasons your book is unique. Readers, reviewers, journalists, and radio personalities won't give you the time of day if they don't know what makes your work different. Are you looking at a familiar topic in a new way? Does your book serve a new market? If it's fiction, why should people read it? These are examples of the types of questions you need to answer before you begin your book marketing campaign. Let people know why your book is fresh and exciting. Guest Blogging One way of getting free book promotion is doing a guest post in book review blogs, where writers can post links in their biography in the resources section on the book review that lead directly to your book's website’s landing pages. You can also post guest blogs in sites that feature the subject matter of your book as an expert. For instance, if your book is non-fiction, write post that is related to your subject, or if you've written fiction or poetry, consider a guide to writing fiction or poetry. Social Networking Start a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your book and use it for book promotion. There are many writing groups on both platforms that will be happy to “friend” or “follow” you. Ask your friends and acquaintances to review your book and to “like” or “retweet” your posts. Information on how to best use these social networks is freely available. Create Media Interest How do you get the media interested enough to give you coverage? Send press releases to every media outlet you can think of, especially local outlets. Contact individual radio and TV personalities and specific newspaper columnists and reviewers and send them copies of your book. Make sure the media knows you are available for interviews not only regarding our book, but also its subject matter. The added benefit is if you become associated with a specific topic, they'll continue to call on you as an “expert,” leading to more book promotions and sales in the future. Book Signings An important aspect in any book marketing effort is book signings. Luckily for writers, most cities have independent bookstores that love to host author signings and readings. Not only will the writer get the opportunity to sell some books, but book signings afford lots of free publicity as well because the book shop will promote the signing. Moreover, the booksellers may recommend your book to others for weeks to come. Don't worry if you are nervous about public speaking. The audience will be rooting for you and listening to your words, not judging your performance.

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