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Previous | Next by Casey 28 March, 2003 - 3:11 AM

He who controls the spice, controls the universe.

I can't take it anymore. I feel like the only way to get the real story is to work hard at digging for it on the net. So how do we as independent journalists get it to the eyeballs of Joe Teevee? We internet people are all a bunch of overeducated liberal pinkos. How do we stop preaching to our own choir?

3/28/2003 >> Casey

Okay Al Jazeera may be really edgy but they are the _only_ free press in the Arab world. Isn't this exactly one the things we're fighting for in this part of the world? Hacking Al Jazeera is not a patriotic act. If anything its a corruption of "American" values at its most fundamental. A free press is supposed to bring unpleasant news, deal.

3/28/2003 >> sarah

no shit. i agree with you completely.

this morning i heard Rumsfeld on the radio talking about how he doesn't feel that America should be responsble for any of the rebuilding of Iraq; Iraq should take care of it themselves.

So, let me get this straight, regardless of whether or not you feel this war is just (i don't, however) we have gone in there, bombed the shit out of Baghdad, killed and injured civilians, whether we meant to or not, but we don't want to be responsible for any of the clean-up? sounds like a surefire way to another war in the next 20 or so years, don't you think?

3/28/2003 >> spike

damn sarah! I was about to post about that. Rumsfeld can kiss my spic ass after i have a nice smelly alcohol-induced shit!!!

3/28/2003 >> sarah

sarah: 1
spike: 0

since you usually kick my ass on posting pertinent info in a timely manner...:P

3/28/2003 >> ben

hahaha, EA, it's a website, ir's a race for comments! i love it! ralph, you remember when you and pyrex and i were the only people hitting the F5, grin...

and on this, i read an article in the sun yesterday and the related ones (across slashdot and many others) about how our information sources for this war are even more different from the sources for info about vietnam than the ones for vietnam were compared to world war II...

i.e. there are more avenues of information available to us now, something like exponentially.

3/28/2003 >> sarah

oh i know! i'm trying not to thing about it. there was a blub on him in the New Yorker this week

3/28/2003 >> Anne

It's not just Iraq, it's America too. Great article in the Washington Post (for a change) about how Patriotism Pays and consultants say the media should cater to this, play lots of pro-war songs and show people supporting troops. And don't show controversial info, because it decreases your ratings

3/28/2003 >> spike

im glad someone else has found the Post rather un-objective and depressing during these times. The good stories either get burried or just never told.

I've been reading the Times (thats NY not WAshington) on the weekends and am much more impressed with their general coverage in the past couple of months

3/28/2003 >> Casey

You do of course know that both newspapers (and most newspapers) are owned by the same company right?

3/28/2003 >> Casey

I'm not sure why I'm choosing to ignore all the fun I could have with that little provocation.


It was more rhetorical than anything else. Apologies, if I came across as pedantic. I guess that was my way of trying to politely express my opinion that every American newspaper is the same newspaper. I try to find my truth in a distillation of The People's Daily, Pravda,, and, whenever I wil be able to get it, Al Jazeera.

3/28/2003 >> spike

i actually have been focusing on keeping tabs on the particular journalists that i enjoy reading. One of the reasons why enjoy the last pages of all newspapers these days more than anything else. Mainly, i have found that certain journalists, because of power, respect, etc., are able to break away from the corporate control, though it makes one wonder which battles they chose to fight knowing that much is not reported cause certain oligarchs dont want chaos/knowledge in the realm.

dren - you just call me a moron?

3/28/2003 >> spike

i was going to mention something about how dangerous Rumsfeld comments were in the 'marketing' of this war in arab states. Basically i was going to say that in not helping iraq rebuild, the US would be justifying all criticism of the reason why arab citizens believe this war is happening. To bomb and then run would only further tensions and anti-american sentiments. I was going to say all this and why it is imperative for the UN to get involved after the war and the US to leave it to the international community to rebuild iraq, with US financial support, but i didnt say all this cause the NYTimes editorial staff said it first.

3/28/2003 >> spike

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