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Previous | Next by pyrex 05 August, 2002 - 7:00 PM

Hah. Apparently I'm Harry, the most heroin-addicted of the Requiem for a Dream crew, as well, according the below-posted-link-to-personality test. Damn, I should really see that movie soon. And heroin's bad, kids. Weed and hasch are Gee Dog-Gone Jolly-licious OK! but nothing harder. Never tried anything harder, never will. I recommend weed for Ben's little cancerous creature thingie. Moving on. Alcohol is also a drug-of-choice. Ok enough drugs. I highly recommend the Ocean's Eleven soundtrack. Fuggin' great, boys. So.. smooth and.. criminal. Don't get me started. Especially track 18. Hell, if I had a driving license and a car I'd be driving 'round the city with this stuff on. Oh, and one more thing. Who here smokes? I know for hell that Ben does, we discussed it. And christ, he's got the cancer to prove it :-P . But anyway, if any of you smokers ever happen to come to Sweden, go into a grocery store or newspaper kiosk and get yourself a pack of snus. I'll let explain it>> RIGHT HERE so you can all marvel at the ingenious Swedish engineering of smokeless tobacco.

8/7/2002 >> ben

don't smoke no more now... bad for the creature killing drugs they give me, or something, ya know? and bud makes me ill. but sean young doesn't. mmmmm, blade runner. heheh. watching that with clí right now. "what a fox" she says about sean young. whee

8/9/2002 >> muhgcee

If I could try one drug, it would be weed. It looks fun. Cigarrettes don't.

8/20/2002 >> erato

weed, weed is good, see...Watch half baked, i think the rest is history.

As for Requiem for a Dream, that movie made me sick. I couldn't finish it. It's way too graphic. But hell, I didn't really like Trainspotting either. I guess it's just heroin movies. Waay too much for mah-self to handle...

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