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the Humane Society Needs Your Help
Previous | Next by sarah 06 May, 2003 - 9:50 AM

You may have heard or seen on the news the recent rescue of approximately 300 cats and 17 dogs from a private rescue shelter in Caroline County, in what is being called the largest extraction of animals in the history of the United States Humane Society.

The site was believed to begin as a legitimate rescue operation but became overloaded and went awry at some point. No humans were believed to be living at the home, which was called "uninhabitable." You can read more about this incident in the Baltimore Sun.

The animals have been taken to the Caroline County Humane Society, which so far has spent approximately $5,000 in food and medicine for the animals just over the weekend. This is placing a huge burden on the day-to-day operations of the shelter. Given the circumstances, the Humane Society could use some help.

Please consider making a donation to this specific branch of the Humane Society at this time. Monetary donations are welcome, and checks can be made payable to Caroline County Humane Society, or you can go to their web site and make a donation with your credit card via Paypal. Immediate goods needed include:

litter boxes (preferable disposable)
dry cat food (any brand)
canned cat food (any brand)
towels and/or blankets
crates (ie, cages to house cats)
cat litter

If you live in the B-more area, leave a post and we can make arrangements to get either monetary donations or donations of goods to me, as a friend and i will be taking these to CCHS on May 17th. If you want to give cash, I'll collect that and write one check for any collected cash.

5/6/2003 >> ben

i can donate a ride, if you need. people need to stop owning animals i think. we should just collaborate with them, hehehe. a sort of animal friendly work environment across the world

5/6/2003 >> pyrex

Wish I could help, I have so much stuff I have to wait till summer to recycle (parents = ride to recycling place). Also, I want a doggie again. The 5 I've had in my life are all gone, except maybe for one.. :-(

Ok, think I'll make a button for the front page for this.

5/6/2003 >> pyrex

Button added for your viewing and charitable pleasure.

5/6/2003 >> sarah

that is very cool - thank you!

5/6/2003 >> sarah

actually can you point it to their site/paypal site?

their main site

it has a very obvious link to their pay pal donation site.

5/6/2003 >> pyrex

And....... done. Although.. they have a geocities (bad!) account, and has already exceeded its bandwidth limit. If I were running things with the server we're on I'd offer some hosting, but it ain't up to me :-/

5/6/2003 >> rich

the site looks fine to me... tekkiehaus hosting is not currently organized enough for any new web sites. Getting there, getting there. I have the physical side of things down, gearing up on the technical side of things now.

5/6/2003 >> pyrex

Ooo, working now. Damned Geoshitties.

Getting there for more hosting eh? Phat cool excellent tubular. Man.

5/7/2003 >> ben

people here at greenspring are helping out too, sarah, will have stuff for you.

5/7/2003 >> sarah

very cool! feel free to bring it by my place whenever!

5/7/2003 >> sarah

i will be going up with a friend on the 17th. feel free to bring by my place whenever or perhaps you could even drop it off w/ ben (ben - that okay if you're bringing stuff anyway?) to bring over later - whatever is easier for you!


5/7/2003 >> ben

the white man's medicine ehh? dare i ask? my medicine all year was guinness (you know, they had sharon osbourne drink guinness when she was on chemo? i was being healthy and i didn't even know it!)... you want guinness? i can bring you guinness... it's only 12.99 a 12 pack... though... i'm going to King's Dominion this weekend with my mom (hooray mother's day), and tix are $40/person... so maybe i should save money. i can bring you 3 guinness... how's that? enough medicine for a little day?

oh, and... yes.

5/7/2003 >> ben

that's most definitely the fever talking...

imagine little ailsas walking all around...

5/12/2003 >> rich

dren, have you ever heard the chris rock skit about the 'tussin?
If not I'll make an effort to dig it up for yah.

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