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just when I thought it was safe to drop the misogyny
Previous | Next by zen 25 May, 2003 - 5:19 AM

dropped in on a lady friend of mine yesterday with the intention of taking her out and showing her a good time (she's depressed). all well and good, but she tells me she's being picked up by someone after work. that's fine...until I discover that the person she's meeting is a gentleman against whom she'd taken a restraining order a month before, forbidding contact of any kind. she tells me the story later because I left her place of work in a huff...apparently this joker got in touch with her, asking if she wanted to do something, and she just said "OK". aside from the fact that I'm concerned about her safety, I was thunderstruck by the sheer lack of any kind of sense or good judgment shown by this friend. made me wonder if this was her way of getting me back for not seducing her....I guess that shows me I shouldn't interfere in the affairs of someone taking antidepressants and lithium...

5/27/2003 >> zen

all too true, I'm afraid. I think she might be allergic to the company of well-meaning people, which is something I've seen way too often in my short life. Then know what they say about good intentions....

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