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i'll buy that for a dollar
Previous | Next by pyrex 30 May, 2003 - 10:26 AM

Only $4,500,000!

Come on, let's all pitch in and buy this thing.

5/30/2003 >> ralph

whose is it?

5/30/2003 >> ralph

never mind, i'll just read the article.

5/30/2003 >> pyrex

Click ze image. Fixed the link.

5/30/2003 >> erato

create a and ask for money donations through paypal. then you can give a sob story on how deprived you are since you don't own your own floating city.

5/30/2003 >> erato

god god woman, 18 inches!

that's just scary.. i saw this show on hbo or skin-emax sometime and it had these stripper guys wearing, not speedos but SOCKS! and we're not talking ancle high, we're talking tube socks. they were whipping it around like it wasn't a thang.

geez.. i'm not a very big person and 18 in. couldn't fit anywhere in my body. call me a wimp but i'd run in horror!!

5/30/2003 >> ralph

seriously, we should all pool our money and buy it. we could all pile on board, cruise across the pond and pick up the furriner and then cruise around the world.....

i've got 42 cents in my pocket, it's a start

5/30/2003 >> ralph

wow, what's up w/all the dick talk today?

5/30/2003 >> pyrex

Erato: Yeah, hehe, I'm sure a lot of people and corporations would sympathize with my depravity. Of course, I'd have to ask that people buy me planes to put on it as well. A couple of de-commissioned MiGs and F16s wouldn't hurt.

5/30/2003 >> erato

i think someone's got in on the brain.. uhm, yea...

it's making the men uneasy..

5/30/2003 >> erato

there's a science experiment, i'm interested to see how many ppl would donate to that..

5/30/2003 >> ralph

no, it's not making the men uneasy. we're just not used to you talking about chick things here....

5/30/2003 >> ben

seriously, people, can you leave the 18 inch dick alone? fuck... i'm really leaving

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