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The Way Forward
Previous | Next by adrienne 02 June, 2003 - 7:12 AM

What is it that makes some of us more mature than others? Is it motivation? Organization in one's personal finances? A happy relationship? That lasts? Or are all of these elements (and more) required? Can a person be mature if only possesing one or a few of the elements, (like perhaps a person never misses an oil change, but leaves their socks on the floor) or is a mixture necessary?
The trees are full of them, so how is a girl supposed to turn over a new leaf when she doesn't know which is the correct one?

6/2/2003 >> erato

i think it has a lot to do with responsibilty and life experiences. i also think a huge part of it is parenting.

I'd love to get into this but I'm supposed to be off the web.. ugh..

6/2/2003 >> erato

i think one important factor to maturity is "Always learn from your mistakes and know enough to not make the same one again."

6/2/2003 >> Casey

Its also partly genetic. Some people interpret maturity as simply being good decision making skills. They generally tend to improve over time but people with an innate analytical prowess coupled to an awareness of thier own emotions are natural born decision makers (makes a goood leader if they have the empathy going too). You know the type, those people that everything seems to go right for.

6/3/2003 >> ben

wise man say, man who stand on toilet is high on pot.

also, baseball wrong... man with four balls cannot walk

6/3/2003 >> erato

LOL! I love that Chinese Proverb forward.

6/3/2003 >> erato

btw Casey - We took you're suggestion (along with about every else's) and went with the 'destination wedding'. Our parents will be there, so it's not a true alopement but i'll tell ya - it made the whole church thing a lot easier!

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