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mundane mendacity
Previous | Next by zen 02 June, 2003 - 10:45 AM

Anyone else care that the Orioles are (yet again) over .500? How the mighty have fallen indeed if such a show of mediocrity is worthy of praise. I still support my birdz, though...

6/2/2003 >> rich

Word... I need to start watching again. I swear in less then 10 years I have gone from a kid who knew half of the major league player's batting averages, updated weekly, to now I hard know anyone's name on my own team.

6/2/2003 >> muhgcee

I care, but I haven't been watching the games or even looking at the box scores. I will start caring more when the NBA Finals are over.

6/2/2003 >> muhgcee

Yes, Dren, that is also entertaining. But I actually enjoy watching the game, enjoy a good double play. But, Biff can be very entertaining when he is tauning B.J. at the plate. "Bend those knees, B.J.!"

6/2/2003 >> erato

it's all about the cubbies. they're mah home team.

6/2/2003 >> ralph

oh boy. the cubbies? i'm going to enjoy Clemens getting his 300th W against Wood on Saturday.

6/3/2003 >> ben

biff can be entertaining in a round room by himself... the game just adds more levels of enjoyment to him, hehehe

and hey, the cubs? why did we go see the white sox then? oy

6/3/2003 >> erato

sox vs. cubbies - nothing like some inter-city rivalry ;)

6/3/2003 >> ben

you know though, i can't even remember who played the last time you came to a game with me... i just remember it was cold, i was bald, and we went to Kobe afterwards

6/3/2003 >> erato

oh yeaaaa. i'm not sure who played the 2nd time. the first time i know it was the sox - but i got those tickets free from work since i'm such a great programmer :)

yes, it was very cold and you were indeed, bald. i have the pics to prove it. :P

6/3/2003 >> ben

so, no IM for you today ehh?

yeah, you never posted those pics on your site, did you?

6/3/2003 >> erato

i haven't posted pics since last april. yes, i slack but at least i'll admit it.

i'm trying to cut back on my IM consumption since i'm not supposed to use it..

6/3/2003 >> ben

i think you should set up terminal services to a home computer, hehe

6/3/2003 >> erato


when i reach that point, i'll let ya know. in the meantime, i'll suffer through the withdrawl symptoms.

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