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moby dick is STILL playing
Previous | Next by ben 03 June, 2003 - 3:47 AM

snicker snicker... now you can practice your engrish and humiliate your cat at the same time! michelle, i'm getting one of these for chester and we're letting him roam around canton, hahahahaa

6/3/2003 >> ben


"Please observe the feather of the chicken currently attached to the both sides of a hat. please imagine a profile when a cat covers it is as dear as it blows off involuntarily -- since it can equip with the head volume to which the reed of a chicken also attached hat on a piece of Velcro, attachment and detachment are easy"

what the hell?

6/3/2003 >> pyrex

Holy cow, you lost me at "imagine a". What the shit is the rest all about? OMGWTFROFLBBQ!

6/3/2003 >> ben

hahaha, i love engrish! thank you to adam for turning me on to them

6/3/2003 >> ben

say... those are nice shoes

6/3/2003 >> rich

Although there is a pair of shoes that pissing on them might clean them up a bit. I am not sure what was worse off after thursday, her shoes or my car.

6/3/2003 >> ralph

i think that follows the same logic as, "never piss into the wind"

6/3/2003 >> ben

or on a van? hehehehe...

though i did learn the secret to pooping in the woods

6/3/2003 >> ralph

don't use poison ivy to wipe?

6/3/2003 >> ben

it's got to do with a tree and foot placement and gravity, from what i'm told.

also... what's so funny about this sign?

(Formerly Chuck’s)

6/3/2003 >> ben

that's where i got the link for this post (it's on the left under newsly stuff)

6/3/2003 >> pyrex

Awwww.. today's SP is really.. sad. Not bitter as per usual but aww.

6/3/2003 >> ben

hehehe, i like how choo choo can muster the forepaw fortitude to snap another cat's neck, while at the same time being able to ooze through air vents...

coolest... cat... ever

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