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tommorrow HAS to be less boring
Previous | Next by adrienne 03 June, 2003 - 11:47 AM

I just had THE most boring day. No one did anything idiotic (not even me), No one...oh yeah! except Kenny!

My girlfriend Kim's husband, otherwise known as Manilla Gorilla, decided (after a case of Schlitz) to ride his five year old's bike down the driveway, to the stop sign, and four o'clock this morning. So at 4:03 I get a call from a hysterical Kim, "Ohmagawd, you gotta...HAHAHAHAHA...Kenny...HAHAHAHA, oh SHIT!"
Me: "Kim, calm down, catch your breath...are you okay"?
Kim:" Ohmagawd...HAHAHAHA...Kenny, on Kayla's bike, fell down...."
Apparently Ken and his buddy got trashed and decided to have contests on the bike. The bike is no more than 18 inches off the ground and sports a very manly paint job of sparkly pink and purple. I was made to drive to Perry Hall at 4:30 a.m. so that Kim could mend Kenny (he couldn't keep his seat and suffered road rash of a toddler type) and I could watch the kids, who had been woken up by the ruckus. No serious injuries. Not even ego...Ken does not recall this episode. Sometimes I wonder who the baby in the house is...

6/3/2003 >> rich

you went to bed early for a reason then... hehehe

6/3/2003 >> zen

I had a lot of fun riding into telephone poles when I was learning how to ride a bicycle...surprised I wasn't killed more than the two times I know of...

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