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psychic whiplash!
Previous | Next by ben 04 June, 2003 - 11:41 AM

i've been glued to this newzcrawler thing all day... it's like someone married my email and news together... the whole world is dying to tell me exactly the same thing everyone else is, but first, or at least enough to get a click through

i've heard 3 times that metallica has songs on the net now that they put there, microsoft is upgrading its patch system while releasing its first patch for windows server 2003 (3 and 4 times respectively), the guy who stole pages from the new harry potter book is sentenced and so on...

it makes me think, these online news agencies are not really different from their print counterparts... they want the stories, they want them fast, not necessarily with new content, but merely so they will have readership in order to sell ads.

how long until we have scrapers combined with these news feeders so that the same news is recycled infinitely across 50 different news sites?

6/4/2003 >> ralph

dren, how have you heard it?

6/4/2003 >> ben

some of it is really good, i think... their new bassist has some good licks

6/4/2003 >> erato

gotta luv the ppl who rip promo cds

6/4/2003 >> erato

that's very hypocritcal of them.. they freak out over their mp3s being passed through napster and now they put them on their site..

control freaks, sheesh...

6/4/2003 >> ben

the news however, shows us:
"At the time, the band members said they were not against music-swapping but were against their music being made freely available without their consent and without proper remuneration." from bbc and
""We've always wanted our fans to experience our music online," Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said in a statement. "But up until now, the existing distribution methods have not passed the kind of 'quality' standards our fans have come to expect from us.""
from zdnet

6/4/2003 >> pyrex


6/4/2003 >> ralph

WTF kind of 'quality' standards are they talking about????

Unless they're talking about the quality of their music, which has been subpar to say the least since 1994.

6/4/2003 >> pyrex

"Yeah, uh, sorry for killing Napster and eh.. yeah.. here's some songs. Go away kid, yer botherin' me."

6/9/2003 >> ben

actually, in a few conferences, they said that they didn't try to kill napster, they liked napster, they wanted only to get rid of the songs that weren't (in their eyes) good enough to be considered metallica songs.

seriously... put yourself in their shoes... you've got this reputation as being perfectionists in the studio since 1992, have these songs that everyone admits are incredibly well mastered... and you yourself are not happy with anything but the best you can do, and all of a sudden, you hear not 1, not 2 or 3 but 4 different versions of a song you're working on and haven't even completed yet... the first one you hear on your local radio station. so you know, a whole bunch of your fans are thinking, geeze, these guys have lost it, they're not even trying anymore... so you lose them, and all of their friends as fans...

how far, really, can that be from libel? or slander, i can never remember which

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