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Previous | Next by pyrex 09 June, 2003 - 3:03 AM

So my grandfather from my dad's side died today.

Just needed to tell it on the mountain.

6/9/2003 >> rich

I wish the best to you and your family in the next few days. Is grandma still around? How is she doing?
If you want to talk shoot me an IM. Unfortunately I am all too familiar with your situation. My grandfather passed nearly a year ago, and dad nearly two years ago.

6/9/2003 >> pyrex

Thanks you two. It wasn't really unexpected, but just so very tragic. He was a hard man all his life, treated my dad pretty badly, but these last couple of years he had a complete change of heart and became the nicest guy..

Grandma's still around but wasting away even faster. She's extremely underweight (borderline anorexic) and her mind is steadily going. She can hardly take care of herself anymore and she refuses to be put in a home. She hardly remembers who the rest of the family is and apparently it took her a while to comprehend that her husband was gone.

6/9/2003 >> erato

Sorry to hear about your loss, pyrex. Just remember to give lots of support those that hurt more than you (which looks like your grandmother). My grandmother went through the same denial after my grandfather died, and she also has alzheimer's.

she's had it as long as i can remember. i've always known she would one day not recognize me but the hurt that came with that moment was overwhelming. She has been in a nursing home for over 4 years and is now in a state I cannot imagine. The best way I could describe it would be to say she is stuck in a very bad trip - not knowing up, who she is, where she is, or what's going on. It hurts me to think of her not knowing her own kids ( my dad, etc ) but yet It's something I've had 25 years to come to terms with.

I'm going to end this with a quote from a (yes) country song. "The best we can hope for is to die in our sleep."

6/9/2003 >> robin

I'm really sorry about your loss. I just lost a really good friend last week and today was the funeral. I hope that you and family are doing well during this time.

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