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no room for form
Previous | Next by ben 10 June, 2003 - 4:21 AM

so i was watching the weather channel last night, planning our trip westerly, and two things hit me. first off, the easy one; they played a st. germain song! it was hilarious, i was pumping my fist and michelle was about to call shepard pratt on me when i explained how much i love seeing electronic music in all walks of life.

the second part is kind of related

when we turned it on, they were talking about tornado watch in nebraska up to missouri, and they showed a map spanning from colorado to illinois, and the sheer number of counties was just staggering.

we all love to joke about how foreigners just don't quite understand (with the possible exception of russians, snicker) how big this country is, and how diverse, but think about any one of those like, 300 counties i saw from parts of 6 states... there's like, at least a few million people in that area... a few... million people... lots of farmers, i'll grant you, but also potential world shapers, business men, drug addicts, novelists, anyone could be there. and most often, we think of kansas as just an irritating place to drive through.

anyway, my point was just that while i'm looking at the weather for these people, they're going on about their lives, totally oblivious of me, but one of them might just be sitting on his couch with his girlfriend, watching the weather channel in about 3 minutes looking at my state, thinking the same thing... just a thought

6/10/2003 >> erato

new forms! new forms! <- blatant roni size reference

interesting point. Us midwesterners are thinking, "Look at that dc/baltimore area, they Never have tornados or high winds and complain about a dusting of snow. Geez, wusses.." :P

Don't worry tho ben, ohio and indiana have had their share of tornados but none will come your way.

6/10/2003 >> ben

yeah, that was the other thing, they said there were storm watches for your town...

6/10/2003 >> erato

but of cos, there always are ;)

6/10/2003 >> erato

when ru coming into the area, again?

6/10/2003 >> ben

and back to the title... i knew that chris brann did wamdue, but i didn't know that he's also Ananda Project and Feral... won't people ever settle down?

(on a side note, apparently kid koala's A.E Peanut Butter Wolf did the scratching on a BT album which featured M. Doughty of Soul Coughing... i think everyone loves everyone in the music industry

6/10/2003 >> erato

yes, yes he is. he started in ananda project (along with another guy) and went solon with the chris brann album. i dunno anything bout feral tho... hell, he's candadian- what do u expect, a?

6/10/2003 >> erato

geez, type too fast for my head sometimes -
i meant he went solo with the 'no room for form' album.

6/10/2003 >> erato

btw - if you're going to be in town thursday we're thinking of hitting up this party (will be a first in many, many months) but the lineup is something i couldn't miss..

GOBO this week...Thursday, Friday & Saturday

GOBO - Restaurant & Liquor Lounge
134 West Washington Street (Indiana Repertory Theatre)

Thursday, June 12th
Doors: 9pm
Admission: $10
21+ event

DJ HEATHER - All World, Seasons, Nordic Trax - house
SLATER HOGAN - Muzique Boutique/Scarab Records - house
ERIC NORRIS - Muzique Boutique - house

6/10/2003 >> ben

we're driving out thursday, after i take my parents to the airport (they're going to SD, damn)... should get there by like, late afternoon? know of any good restaurants? hehehe

6/10/2003 >> ben

w00t... see, my mom (don't start) wanted me to stay home and water the plants while they were in SD (don't start yet...), because making my friend water them was just too far out of his way (though he drives around the city/county daily for his job, wait for it), even though this will be the farthest i've gone from my house in a year and a half (almost, hold it in)... she just doesn't trust the plants to anyone else (there, i've said it... talk amongst yourselves?)...

so yeah, if i can find the hotel ok (jimmy got VD and the ho tell everybody), we'll drop off our stuff and hang out? i take it neither of us will be the designated drivers, hahahahaha

6/10/2003 >> erato

it's a good 10 hour drive to indy.... ur leaving early on thurs?

of cos i know of good restaurants. i'm in the height of my eating season.

6/10/2003 >> erato

nah, i won't make u drive. im not drinking. it will be great to hear some good music for once. a real treat, actually. altho i doubt i'll dance, my balance has been falling short of steady lately..

6/10/2003 >> ben

oh yeah, duh, forgot... sorry.

*smacks self on head with business end of the laptop*

it's those small feet... hehehehe

6/10/2003 >> rich

"height of my eating season"

hahaha, can I use that quote?

6/10/2003 >> erato

but of cos.

i feel so very important, being quoted and all :)

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