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previously liked man becomes too comfortable with workmates, reveals secret
Previous | Next by adrienne 12 June, 2003 - 11:46 AM

Today in Baltimore a young man working for the Federal Government became comfortable enough during conversation to allow his workmates to share in his secret: that he had shat himself. Yesterday. And once previous to this incident, while on a date.

6/12/2003 >> muhgcee

You're just going to leave it at that? You're cruel.

6/12/2003 >> pyrex

What in the fuck? Seriously? Why the hell would you tell ANYONE that? Of course it's hilarious that anyone actually WOULD.. but.. what the huh?

6/12/2003 >> ralph

I love a good shit story.

6/12/2003 >> rich

actualy one might wnt to tell their doctor about that. But certinly not anyone else that they know

6/12/2003 >> erato

more proof that the govern. is run by the mentally retarded

6/12/2003 >> pyrex

Extremely so, Rich. How does this not degrade one's rep with fellow collegues, if not degrade unto null and negative and beyond? Could get you fired, even, if your boss doesn't extract some fun out of it for the time being.

I'd kinda start freakin' if someone I don't really know said they shat their pants. I'd freak and run. Like the wind.

Maybe not immediately zoom zip out of my seat, but first cast some excrutiatingly obvious looks of "shock, awe" and twist my features. Then warp outta there.

6/12/2003 >> Render

I always thought the government was run by the collection of slackjawed fratboys who didn't major in phys. ed. ... discussing fecal events fits right in with beer bongs, belching contests, and attempts to demonstrate whose intestinal flora produces the most methane.

6/12/2003 >> erato

like i said, the mentally retarded ;)

6/17/2003 >> ben

technically, this isn't government, is it? this is still the NIH

6/17/2003 >> ben

thbbt... they're not the ones in the house or senate, was all i'm saying... just clearing up what looked like a misconception...

6/17/2003 >> erato

Federal Government gave me the impression it was the govern, call me crazy ;)

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