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Borrowing my life away
Previous | Next by adrienne 13 June, 2003 - 5:19 AM

I just applied for my second student loan. I feel like I'm signing away my future earnings, "Poverty, straight ahead 5 years".

But school is almost done, 1 more semester, and then I'll have bigger loans to that will pay for graduate studies, and I know I should suck it up because the storm is coming. How much will I owe in the end? How many years will it take to pay them back? Will I even be able to get a job with all of this education that's putting me in debt?
Will the future post-school be any different than the monthly struggle that is life now? With the current job market and shadowy prospects covering the spectrum of carreers, can I justify the expense of education at all?

6/13/2003 >> rich

You may now love credit as much as I do. Would you like to buy credit some flowers and chocolates? I was turned down because I paid off all my credit cards and closed them last year. Seems a mortgage and car loan don't count to most people.

6/16/2003 >> erato

i've ran into big problems b/c of something that wasn't even my fault. 1 of 8 roommates decided to move out and counter-sue the rest for her rent. her claim in court was that there were 'drugs in the house'. fact of the matter was, her and her boyfriend were assholes so none of us liked them. she yells wolf and the judge bought it all. therefore, there's a $3000 judgement on my credit report (along with my other roommates). although it was supposed to be split into 7, the full 3000 shows up. good thing i took the extra effor to pay my 1/7th of the rent and get a notarized letter from the landlord stating it wasn't me that didn't pay my rent.

try explaining that to skeptic landlords. i can only imagine what will happen when we go to fill out this mortgage in the next few weeks...

6/17/2003 >> erato

agreed, i didn't have any roomies after that either.

we sure did have a lot of adventures though!

6/17/2003 >> erato

not unless u consider a keg-a-rator to fill frosty mugs 24-7 a tragedy ;) we had lots of great times and only a little drama. i barely remember that year.

6/17/2003 >> erato

yea, we had a couple police encounters.

1st was for noise ordinance (guess they didn't like driving by listening to TuPac at 4PM).

2nd was on my x for punching the asshole roommate in the face. the asshole roommate then proceeded to spray the entire room with mace as he ran his girly ass out the door. meanwhile, me and a few of our guests were douced in the process. i almost lost a lung, it cost my x about $2G cause the asshold sued him. it cost the rest of us our credit reports since his bitch girlfriend moved out too and counter-sued us.

that was my first encounter with people who are sue happy.

6/17/2003 >> erato

err, i meant 4AM. lol

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