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derogatory naming can be fun!
Previous | Next by adrienne 13 June, 2003 - 8:27 AM

Let's All Try!

Lesbians: Coochie Smoochers
Gay dudes: Sperm Burpers

Well, I'm out. You guys got any? I'm bored, and would like to laugh at repressed minorities with whom I have no connection.

6/13/2003 >> ralph

Gay Guys: Turd Tappers

6/13/2003 >> rich

Well on a semi related note. I had an interview today with a man who stutters, badly. While I felt bad for this man and tried as hard as possible to ignore it, I don’t know. He would be my boss in this position and I don’t know if I could take that, days on end. I wanted to finished words for him frequently because he was having such a hard time. Plus the other thing I don’t get about him is, if you were one who stuttered would you take a job doing telephone technical support? I mean really, get a job that has you type all day long!
So if I turn down a job because I don’t want to listen to someone who stutters all day long, is that some sort of reverse employer discrimination related situation? Will I be sued?
Oh the humanity of it all.

And um
Stutters: syllablicly challenged?

6/13/2003 >> muhgcee

or verververververververball ull ull ull ull verbally re re re re repetat repetat repetative

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