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Cooked Intel
Previous | Next by Casey 16 June, 2003 - 3:31 AM

I think rich had once asked people's opinions on how bad it would look for W. if we hadn't found any WMD.

I didn't think it would be a big deal as long as the Iraqis seemed to be happy with an American occupation. Of course, there's been about one soldier killed per day since Bush declared major fighting was over in Iraq. So, maybe there's some political trouble brewing for real now eh?

6/16/2003 >> rich

Personally I am delaying any judgment on the subject for a little bit more time. However this is very disconcerting and I will not be able to reserve my judgment forever. If the intel was bad and the president based his decision on that then I would be ok if he came out and said that. A little “look I screwed up because of bad information, those responsible have been sacked.”
Although honestly out of the multitude of reasons for fighting this war I think the WMD reason was more pushed by the brits. They had that whole dossier thing because Blair had to pull out every reason to try to get his countries opinion on the war to at least 30% before he went. I think Blair not Bush has the most to loose if WMD are not found.
Myself, I would have been happy with, getting rid of terrorist sanctuary, enforcing the agreements signed with us at the end of the first gulf war, and establishing permanent American bases in the center of the Middle East as reasonings for Iraq II.

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