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bad case of the mondays
Previous | Next by erato 16 June, 2003 - 8:41 AM

It's another monday but this one is exceptionally boring.

Looks like this site is feeling it too. Is everybody still sleeping? Wish I were...

6/16/2003 >> rich

I was wonding the same thing... *knock, knock, knock* anyone home?

6/16/2003 >> muhgcee

Unfortunately the hilarity was not with me this past weekend to post like I said I was going to do.

6/16/2003 >> pyrex

The general trend regarding posts is that they rise during the week, coming to a climax around wednesdays or thursdays then falling into a depression of one or less posts during the weekend. Boo.

6/16/2003 >> ben

i don't have a whole feature cooked up for the trip to your reception and the fun there, but a few salient points were the sno-cone stand girl who was apparently in love with the ginormous net cafe employee, the guy at the thai cafe who didn't seem to like michelle or i, and yet still did know where they sell clove cigs (she had a feeling, and was right!), jacob taking us to jimmy john's and of course, the reception itself (tending bar: the drummer from the eagles, i swear it). more when i have time to write, hehe

6/16/2003 >> ben

how did you like that kevin smith video?

6/16/2003 >> erato

we started watching it last night and, of cos, i fell out early..

from what i've seen, it wasn't what i thought it would be. he's just answering (mostly dumb) questions from college kids who are in awe of him.

some funny parts tho, yes - nothing hysterical. and what's up with the guy who was asking about jay porn?!!

6/16/2003 >> erato

Found this for ya.It explains how they got the name better than I ever could.

6/17/2003 >> ben

haha, michelle was asking on the way home

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