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Previous | Next by erato 16 June, 2003 - 12:49 PM

Now, this?

6/16/2003 >> pyrex

HREF tag edited to open in a new window. -Ed

6/16/2003 >> pyrex

And closing of tag. -Ed

6/16/2003 >> muhgcee

All I had to do was read the title. Classic.

6/17/2003 >> ben

really though, i'm not all that surprised at these news items, considering the stories we have about priests in the middle ages and renaissance.

6/17/2003 >> erato

"do as i say, not as i do."

i think it's very obvious that man evolved from apes, the atom is the smallest particle, and there is life on other plants.

if it really is just about faith then how can people have faith in the teachers (who are supposed to be perfect) that do things like this?

6/17/2003 >> ben

i think i saw some mold on that ficus over there... proof!

6/17/2003 >> pyrex

Isn't the neutrino smaller than the atom? 'Cus I'm under the impression that atoms are made of neutrinos. Can anyone clear this up?

6/18/2003 >> erato

i am neither a scientist or a catholic. was only getting a point across. i get no comfort in a higher power.

cold, hard proof from the discovery channel is my guide.

6/18/2003 >> erato

i also believe that those naive enough to believe these people need to have their head screwed on tighter...

6/18/2003 >> erato

well, there are so many things that are off in the bible (as I'm sure everyone is aware of).

for example - the most obvious bluder, god creating adam and eve. from what i was taught in school (and discovery channel), man evolved from ape. they didn't just appear. man is made up of atoms and cells (for simplicity sake), this also was not mentioned. lastly, they say god created the earth and 'heavens'. no mention again of life on the other plants (including bacteria).

just some simple points put in a simple way, by a simple person. sometimes i generalize too much. i'll try better next time.. :)

6/18/2003 >> erato

now that i read that, it almost seems like an unfinished point too...

i don't generally listen to other people's interpretations of things and base my opinion on them. i like to read facts and base my opinion off that. if it coicides with other peoples, so be it.

well, the way i see it since the bible is many interpretations handed down from generation to generation, rewritten a million times over and translated from/to several languages. there are bound to get rumors, exaggerations, and many fictional events clouding what may be a shread of fact. then, to top it all off. many of the church goers (this is an assumption) do not thoroughly read the bible on their own. they listen to what the priest/minister/rabbi tells them (and that again, is another interpretation of the bible) and hold that as truth. personally, i'd like to hear it from the cat's mouth.

the only religion i can somewhat relate to is buddhism. although, i don't hold all of any one religions beliefs. i do believe that people need to do good deeds (as defined in the 10 commandments). these 10 'rules' generally are covered in every religion in one form or another. if that's the one thing everyone can agree on, i think it holds more fact than any story can.

*I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering *

6/18/2003 >> erato


6/18/2003 >> ben

and virgin mary isn't supposed to be a virgin i don't think... i've heard some arguments about this... myes?

6/18/2003 >> erato

Update on the article

"O’Brien told authorities he had a small amount of sacramental wine in a church service before the accident, but there was no indication that he was impaired, Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley said.

A pedestrian, Jim Reed, was killed. Reed, who was 6 feet tall and weighed at least 235 pounds, was crossing the street on his way to get a bus to go home when he was hit. Authorities said he was jaywalking."

small amount of sacramental wine my ass!! unless he's blind he couldn't miss a bigfoot walking out in front of you..

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