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sigh... musicmatch on the fritz
Previous | Next by ben 17 June, 2003 - 5:45 AM

i almost forgot to ask... for anyone that's read Dune, or knows the story, or anything...

ok, logically, if the spice melange is only ever found on Arrakis, and interstellar travel is only possible with spice, how did they get there in the first place?

6/17/2003 >> muhgcee

Ask questions like that and you will be pushed down the memory hole.

6/17/2003 >> ben



6/17/2003 >> ben

and i'm reading house atreides right now... that's what caused me to ask... however, i can understand if it was the "thinking machines" that would work out how to make jumps through foldspace... but why would they do that for people, they were masters over humans, not vice versa.

6/17/2003 >> ben

it's a fair possibility... the timelines just don't seem to agree, i guess, and they never come out and explain it...

6/17/2003 >> ben

i'm of the bent that if frank herbert didn't write them, they're not really dune...
sort of like the robot city books...

6/17/2003 >> ben

i don't know... i'd have to go with lube over chocolate there vanna

6/17/2003 >> rich

that was randomly random

6/17/2003 >> ben

nah, i followed it... chocolate is like brian herbert... yadda yadda

6/17/2003 >> ben

mid day lull ehh? or is this the time when usually pyrex and ralph fill in? hehehe. on a side note, we're rapidly catching up in posts to the number of real life comics, and still nowhere near dragon tails' 1500 comics.. whee!

6/17/2003 >> ben

with my magical invisible phone now?

6/17/2003 >> ben

sorry, i don't get out of work until 5:30 today...

6/17/2003 >> ben

which car place, anywho?

9/16/2004 >> ben

fair enough, took them millenia... in some sort of stasis? or in a ship with supplies enough? or somehow carrying regenerating supplies? if they got there waaaayyyy back when, and it took them wayyyyyy long to get there, and before they were there they were diaspora for a wayyyyyyy long time, it seems like it would have been far enough back that it was before the bene gesserit would have been strong or guided enough to have had the influence on them.

this is after a few months, so i'm not clear on the timelines, but it seemed to me that in the book, the fremen were of the zensunni bent, but with strong ties to a very old branch of the bene gesserit, but if they had been there that long, they would predate the bene gesserit entirely, no?

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