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mommy, i had a bad dream last night
Previous | Next by ben 18 June, 2003 - 5:53 AM

I was reading my newzcrawler blog feeds this morning and... well, actually, let me rephrase that... i was going to read my feeds this morning, but i never got past the first one, from an old co-worker of mine named mike lee. he's keeping abreast of a lot of the cultural shifts going on with blogging and blogging culture.

these people are getting very very into their stuff, you know? who knows, in a year or two, blogs may be unfashionable. we'll have retro shows about them on VH1, and instead of the popular thinkgeek shirt "I'm blogging this" we'll have the tshirthell shirt, "i blogged when it was undergrond"... grin. well, anyways, as i often try to, i'm agreeing with mike when he extoles the virtues of microsoft employees over their company image... because recently some rather entertaining (for their references mostly) articles about microsoft bloggers have been published. now i think this in itself isn't surprising, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon (hell, i'm coming up on 2 years this fall, technically), however, what i see happening is a lot of companies trying to latch on to this trend, hoping that it will remain stellar for a few more years, and probably cash in their chips once it becomes too hard, or people start realizing that they're keeping up with too many people 3rd hand. it's like pagers, i think... for a while, you weren't cool if you didn't have one... now, you have a pager, either you're a doctor (who also gets sports and weather on the pager), or you're 3 years behind everyone who has a cellphone. the same way, i think, by 2007 at the latest... if you're still communicating by blog to people, that will be much slower than whatever communication method we have by then...

6/18/2003 >> rich

3 years? maybe more like 8 years behind....

6/18/2003 >> rich

yeah! ben's code can handle two people hitting submit at the same exact time ;-) hehehe

6/18/2003 >> erato

i should know this.. is blog an acronym or what does it mean/come from?

6/18/2003 >> ralph

web log

6/18/2003 >> pyrex

Right on, Ralph.

6/18/2003 >> ben

hooray for transactions... snicker.

and i maintain we're not a blog site... we're a message/posting board...

we're like a way cool bbs, except we have no cohesive topics

6/18/2003 >> ben

speaking of fads... ralph, if you're not checking your email...
you should join this

9/14/2004 >> rich

alright... time to register for comments too

9/14/2004 >> ben

i wonder why the comments time keeps changing... anyone?

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