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Religion or Tradition
Previous | Next by adrienne 18 June, 2003 - 8:29 AM

To christen or not to christen?

I've been a bad, bad, Catholic and I don't know which is more compelling to me: rebellion against an authority that hasn't done right by my generation or respect for familial tradition that dates farther back than memory serves.
Spike and Jackie, slightly Catholic, decided against it. Kim and Kenny, slightly more Catholic, have sent out invitations. Both sets are role-model types, people I look up to, persons with heads on straight, good eggs, etc. But who has it right? Do we indoctrinate our children into the church because of God, or because it's just what we do? Do we need a better reason than tradition to support the church? Do we need God or are we happy with a stained glass window?

6/18/2003 >> ben

you need to decide, i think, what you really believe in, before you teach something. or let them choose for themselves?

6/18/2003 >> ben

ahh, you're deciding for yourself...

i have a book, medieval underground, that would probably be of some use to you in understanding how the church works.

in all though, i like what stephenson put forth in snow crash about how our brains are hardwired to accept religion of some sort... we are built to need ways to accept what is beyond our understanding

6/18/2003 >> erato

this is a really great question. it's something i've been throwing around as well. and something donnie and i need to discuss to great lengths. imo, a child should be able to choose; not forced to be christened as a baby.

if we have boys - will we circumsize (sp?) them? it's not only a christian tradition but also more sanitary. But their poor little wee-wees....

6/18/2003 >> ben

one side of the argument is here, and a slightly uglier, but no less emphatic argument for it is here...

personally, as a guy... i think it's easier to keep clean, and i for one don't remember the pain, if there was any

6/18/2003 >> erato

point taken.

i wouldn't force my children to choose at any age.

6/18/2003 >> erato

aaagh, that teal green background was killin me. geezouch!

think i'll stick to the library - at least i'm assured to have white back, black text ;)

6/18/2003 >> erato

wow! sounds like donnie's sisters, they all have girls (3).

call it mommy intuition but i think we may have a boy in here. i had a lot of testosterone flowing the first few months..

6/18/2003 >> erato

on a side note- donnie is catholic and all his nieces have been christened. i just hope that whatever decision we choose that his family doesn't look down on it. i doubt it, but religion can be a touchy subject to some..

tradition or not, we'll prolly get them circumsized for sanitary sake. i just don't think i could witness it without balling..

6/18/2003 >> ralph

balling???? HAHAHAHAHAHA....

I think you meant bawling.

6/18/2003 >> erato

bling, bling

*sorry,couldn't resist*

6/18/2003 >> ralph

oh, see...i took 'balling' to mean something different.

6/18/2003 >> ben

you would, you ODB, hehehe

6/18/2003 >> ralph

yeah, well. What can i do?

6/18/2003 >> ben

weeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllll..... heheheheh

6/18/2003 >> erato

i never get dirty jokes, fill in the clueless!

6/18/2003 >> Casey

I'm an atheist.

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