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mmm... another post that starts with mmm
Previous | Next by ben 18 June, 2003 - 11:25 AM

if we ever get more than 10 feet off the ground with this site, i'm going to have to start linking my subjects to my posts...

however, for those of you who still have no idea what i'm talking about when i say i want to increase readership and i'm taking steps to make it happen... another definition from

Rich Site Summary (RSS) ... is a great way for any Web site to advertise their content in an always up-to-date fashion.

basically, folks... when people can get new stuff from us real easy like, they might be more willing to be here a while...

and you all know each of you lurked for quite some time before posting... so, more lurkers/readers, someday, more people posting, so more ideas... yay! i suppose i would have to put up a FAQ or something that says "Q: What the hell is this site anyway?" with the obligatory a-ness of "A: We defy you to pigeon hole our brains... we are not the menial slaves of nomenclature anymore! death to the stratification of the... " you get the idea... snicker

seriously though... as long as it's here to be taken advantage of... and as long as i'm inclined to get off my lazy bum and code it, we'll have neat things coming in here all the time.

6/18/2003 >> pyrex

Yeah um, I don't know how many people really care ("I don't care much for HOW it works, just THAT it works. And if not so, then nevermind, no big loss"). I think they just think its fun to have their own little place. I dunno. Of course, I'm always enthusiastic about EA, wanting it to go to higher places, more features, etc.

6/18/2003 >> ben

exactly... i guess i'm just excited to be keeping up with this stuff purely for fun... so i can send stuff to whoever wants the code whenever...

6/19/2003 >> pyrex

Ben does tend to get a little.. abstract in his writing sometimes, doesn't he? At times it's like you need to have read "The Complete Encyclopedia of Ben's Mind" if you want to reply without having to ask 20 questions first. But yeah, I tend to do the same :-P

6/19/2003 >> ben

that will be my first first book then

6/19/2003 >> erato

just make it one of your infamous 4 word complete thoughts as a title and it will confuse the world ;)

but, i do the same thing sometimes too...

6/19/2003 >> ben

actually it's really simple to understand me... just realize that anything that interests me will hold my attention for a while, so i can learn about it, and usually try to learn a little deeper than just what everyone knows... and everything is interesting...

just ask brian, really

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