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Previous | Next by adrienne 19 June, 2003 - 4:37 AM

Benjamin, I think I have the croup. This instinct is being bolstered by the recently garnered information that a child I babysat over the weekend is currently a l'hopital avec le croup.

If it's not the SARS it's the croup. I may die. Ralph gets the CDs (and a phone call before my body is cold), you get Ailsa, give Eva my shoes, and make sure your mom knows that she makes the best stuffed cabbage ever.
Have a great life, and finish school!

6/19/2003 >> erato

girl, you need to start taking some vitamins or somethin! it seems that every other week your sick. build up your immune system, fight the power! ;)

seriously tho, you need to do something different. i hope you feel better soon.

6/19/2003 >> erato

btw- my mom has taught me to swear by echinacea and vitamin c tablets (but only for the first 3 days). it works till the dr. gives u the goods.

6/19/2003 >> pyrex

Sheet, I've had the croup like a hojillion times. Really sucky, esp. the dry coughing. And yes, echinacea, vitamin C and garlic are good against a lot of respiratory system related illnesses. Hope you get better soon, yo.

6/19/2003 >> ralph

Dren, are you at home or work? I hope you feel better.

Seriously though, erato's right, it's time to switch things up a bit....sounds like the partying is catching up to you.

6/19/2003 >> erato

echinacea is actually good against any sort of virus. it helps to temporarily build up the immune system so you can fight the evil doer yourself. vit c helps detoxify your system (so does the goldenseal too, but we all know that flushes everything).

i've read the dr.'s book of home remedies a bit too many times..

what is the croup, the flu?

6/19/2003 >> pyrex

Damn, I hear that. Everything gets so.. inexplicably irritating. Later you realize it really wasn't so irritating, but then something else takes its place.

Best of luck.

6/19/2003 >> ben

"So I've decided to quit"

whee... sounds like a plan. let me know if you need anything

6/19/2003 >> muhgcee

I am glad I never started.

6/19/2003 >> erato

is there a primus fan on the site?

6/19/2003 >> erato


"tommy the cat had a many the story to tell,
but it was a rare occasion
such as this
that he did."

6/19/2003 >> ralph

The air was thick with cat calls (no pun intended)
but not even a muscle in her neck did twitch as she sauntered up into
the heart of the alley. She knew what she wanted. She was lookin'
for that stud bull, the he cat. And that was me. Tommy the Cat is my
name and I say unto thee...

Les Claypool is a god.

6/19/2003 >> ben

primus sucks! hehehehe... they need to call donnie... he comes up with good possibilities for lyrics, like telling me that it's ok to wait for the stop sign to turn green

6/19/2003 >> rich

Hello Mr. Krinkle
How are you today?
Seems the rumors are about your team might move away
Now, me I'm sentimental
But I'm not one to cry

Say there Mr. Krinkle let's cruise the Bastard boat
Damn then sonsabitches with their gill-nets set afloat
I flip on my tele and I watch the waters die
C'mon Mr. Krinkle tell me why

Hey ho Mr. Krinkle have you heard the brand new sound
It's a cross between Jimi Hendrix
Bocephus, Cher and James Brown
It's called "Heavy Hometown"
New Wave, cold-filtered, low-calorie dry
C'mon Mr. Krinkle tell me why

6/20/2003 >> erato

driving 10 hours can make anyone hallucinate. after 12, you have problesm distinguishing reality from the visuals. that's usually my threshold.

6/20/2003 >> ralph

Harold of the Rocks is one of my favorites....

So in the end, Swamper and Greenie succumbed to the ways of Harold, and in doing so, each gave away just a bit of his soul away - what a couple of dumbshits

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