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another revelation from the Discovery Channel
Previous | Next by adrienne 19 June, 2003 - 6:20 AM

Last night was another installation of "History of Sex", and since there was no Buffy on after 8 pm I sat down to a little education. Fairly decent program, mostly fluff and nonsense that everyone knows (i.e. the word sadism has it's roots in the name Marquis de Sade) but there are always a few gems sprinkled in the muck...

and there it was. A diamond that I'd never seen: a history of female marriages. They were platonic, mutually beneficial, exclusive (depending upon which society is being scrutinized), and as economically and emotionally binding as traditional short, they mirror female friendships today.
I know plenty of girls now who depend soley upon their girlfriends for emotional support, familial-type love, etc. Many times one or both of the women in these friendships has lost their family, and/or are without male mates. Not lesbians, many of these women realize that only other women can understand PMS without a sneer on their lips, will pick up the dry cleaning without being asked, and will put their panthose in the hamper.
My concern is that I will become too comfortable in my own marriage-of-sorts. Eva has said for years that I'm her 'wife', and she does indeed clean my apartment when she visits, but this doesn't mean I want it to always be this way...I love her dearly, but I know we will both need more this lifetime. If we get too indoctrinated in our own world, will we lose the drive to make it better, or even just different? Will we be happy in our 24 year old lives forever? I think not, but can we convince ourselves to dig out of the rut...? Do I have to divorce my wife to marry a man?

6/19/2003 >> erato

of cos not.

i don't think it has to be a choice. you CAN have your cake and eat it too. you'll just find a man that understands your need for other companionship.

"If you place a thing into the center of your life
That lacks the power to nourish
It will eventually poison everything that you are
And destroy you

A simple a thing as an idea
Or your perspective on yourself of the world
No one can be the source of your contempt,
It lies within, in the center."

6/19/2003 >> ben

who wrote that? sounds like thoreau or oscar the grouch, i can't decide

6/19/2003 >> erato

it's faithless - liontamer

6/19/2003 >> Septimus

I can't tell you how pleased I am to see Maxi Jazz being quoted =)

6/19/2003 >> pyrex

Dren, where'd your post about the F5ing go? :-(

6/19/2003 >> pyrex

May I have the pleasure of doing said action to said brain?

6/19/2003 >> pyrex

A massage and a martini it is..

Sorry 'bout the large pic, folks.

6/19/2003 >> pyrex

You're.. too kind..?

6/19/2003 >> pyrex

Aw give us a hug. Shaking optional.

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