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i told you i had a lazarus phone... it lives again!
Previous | Next by ben 20 June, 2003 - 5:21 AM

ok, one more before i go, hehehe... mr. doctorow responded to my email already (kind of incongruous considering that he led off with the fact that he's busy until may of next year, hehe), and i'm so excited to share, so i'll have that up later.

let's see here... note checking... ahh yes, Tom Green apparently had testicular cancer some time a little while ago... and all of you guys that are upset about getting older (you know who you are)... apparently you can't get it once you hit 35, so that's a good thing, hehe

to everyone else, tom says "keep feeling those nuts" so you can catch it early if it happens.

also, forgot to mention this one when i got back...
"the domino's delivery man had a staring contest with michelle's breasts, but he lost."

so... last day of work... what kind of things do i do until my next job? hints? suggestions? i'm picking up more coaching shifts, temporarily, for a start

6/20/2003 >> erato

relax- find a pool and sit by it.

6/20/2003 >> ralph

I just gave them a good once-over and they feel fine to me. In fact, let me go do that again.....brb.

6/20/2003 >> erato

ben, what were u gonna do with the photos again?

6/20/2003 >> ben

i'm going to make a custom photo book out of them for you... have a slide show if you want, and a navigable list of thumbnails

6/20/2003 >> erato

ic, sorta how my site works? is it open for anyone to submit photos to?

6/20/2003 >> ben

hrm... that would be an interesting possibility....

i meant it sort of as a "i'm too broke to buy you anything" wedding present, but that works too, heheh

6/20/2003 >> erato

you know your coming out to visit and dinner was a gift enough! it was very appreciated!

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