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I was trying to be sneaky, But I got broke down
Previous | Next by adrienne 23 June, 2003 - 11:05 AM

Ben's B-day is mid-August, as is mine, but there's a distinct possibility that neither of us will be in town for this occasion...So I've made a plan...

Section 49, July 18th, 7:05 the O's play Anaheim at Camden Yards. So far there are three of us definately attending...I would like anyone who can to come with us. It'll be a pretty big deal for both of us: I'm 25 and he's ALIVE!

So if you would like me to get you a ticket just call or e-mail me and I would be happy to get you one...with the caveat that payback is imminent (am not employed for long but have excellent credit).
Tickets are $35 and the section is GREAT!

6/23/2003 >> ralph

have you checked to see how many you can get?

6/23/2003 >> ralph

okay, jus' checkin.

6/23/2003 >> pyrex

Found a ticket for roughly $650. Would leave on the 15th of July, begin my return on the 20th. God damnit I hate my bank account right now, and the dates aren't all too hot. If I'd come over I'd wanna stay for a bit longer, y'know? Boo.. *sniff*

6/23/2003 >> pyrex

Think I may have found the ticket of my dreams.. I'm gonna check it out tomorrow.. Fuck, I just feel like going

6/23/2003 >> muhgcee

count me in. I am assuming that's why you called. I am also assuming this post will be pointless considering you will probably call back before reading this.

6/24/2003 >> rich

I am in

6/24/2003 >> elfie

Count me in. In fact, count me in twice. :)

6/24/2003 >> pyrex

Oh my god, I'm so pissed and disappointed right now. I don't know what the hell happened, but it seems like that dream ticket of mine magically vanished. 2 hours after I first checked it out, even! GOD DAMNIT

6/24/2003 >> muhgcee

I might have Andrea with me, but I can't find out until at least Friday cause she is a camp counselor this week and it's kinda hard to get ahold of her. Don't reserve it for me though.

6/24/2003 >> elfie

Yup, date is planned, though I haven't actually asked her yet since she's playing army girl until saturday.

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