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Did I tell you guys this one yet?
Previous | Next by adrienne 24 June, 2003 - 5:31 AM

My friend Melissa was driving on 695 last Wednesday evening, outer loop towards my place, when she had an experience with a tailgater...

The guy in the shiny new BMW was crawling up her ass then pulling back, and repeating. She finally just pulled to the right and let him pass, mostly because it was getting on her nerves she said, when she saw this column of sparks shoot from the back of the Beemer. She sped up and started gesturing wildly to the guy to pull over, and after a minute he got the hints. Melissa pulled over a bit farther up the road, started dialing *71, and ran towards the other car. The guy gets out, presumably to ask her what the problem is, when it becomes clear to him what the problem is. As soon as he is five feet away from his shiny new BMW, it blows. The back end shot out flame, the bumper landed two feet way, and that was the end of that. The young man and Melissa are unhurt, but only by the grace of Providence. It turns out (he called her yesterday) that the shiny new car had a leak in the gas line. He had only owned the car for a least it was under warranty. His name was Matthew.

6/24/2003 >> ralph

Ha Ha, stupid fucker.

Sad to say, but I wouldn't have stopped the prick. That probably explains why my karma is the way it is.

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