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Throw down the flag
Previous | Next by adrienne 24 June, 2003 - 11:19 AM

I need to understand the pain, I don't think it has much to do with the addiction...

I'm now a quitter. I quit the cigarettes. It was the only thing left from my tumultuous youth that I kept. I gave away all of my punk girl boots, all of my short skirts and chokers, all the plaid and lace. I quit the designer drugs when I got tired of them, and cheap beer was grown past long time now, no more sneaking out, and I'm a role model for the youth of tomorrow. I can drive responsibly now, and I've given up judgement of others based on single sentences spoken in times of stress. I only judge those in repose now that I'm mature. I'm now someone else. No longer a possible script for after-school special land. All charachter and no plot.
It feels good, but in a hurty way. I will most likely turn into a marathon running, tofu scarfing, veggie loving hippie. I will start waking up early to run. My laundry will no longer pile up for three weeks. Will my sisters know me in a month? Does growing up mean all sloth is lost? Am I still allowed to watch cartoons all Saturday? Now that I'm an adult who is responsible for more than a handful of bills and a cat, a person who takes their health seriously, will red meat become the enemy? What else goes after the last vestige of youth is tossed to the side?

6/24/2003 >> pyrex

This is gonna be the worst quote ever, but anyway. I forget where I read it: "Am I an adult? If you mean adult by mediocre and [something], then no"

Never grow up! Anyway, now what's the point of me coming over to see y'all if everyone's all grown up and mature about things? Good news! After extensive negotiations with the parental unit and a fierce battle with my bank, I think I may infact be able to make it.

6/24/2003 >> pyrex

Don't worry, I've got Ben on it as well. It'd be kickass if you guys made a, perhaps shorter version, of the trip you just made to NYC.. and stuff. I've always wanted to see the big apple with mine own eyes.


I'm shaking with giddiness, you'd better believe it.

6/24/2003 >> ralph

Pyrex, that'd be great if you came to NYC. Are you 21 yet?

6/24/2003 >> pyrex

Sadly.. no (see how that could go both ways? :-P )

By swedish law I'm more than legal enough to go to bars and such, but that'd probably piss a bouncer off more than it would be in my favor.

6/24/2003 >> Casey

Whoever associated red meat with poor health should be eaten. Its a lie.

6/25/2003 >> Septimus

It's the green meat you have to watch out for.

6/25/2003 >> ben

no, you met him at sonar though, I think...

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