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xylene spill
Previous | Next by adrienne 27 June, 2003 - 11:12 AM

the whole lab smells like a Korean Nail shop. Half of my students are migrane city. One post-doc is retching in the lav.
Anybody know the MSDS for this shit? (rhetorical)

6/27/2003 >> Casey

I love labs. Not for the weak.

6/27/2003 >> Septimus

At least it wasn't spermadine (forever thankful to Casey for alerting me to its existance)

6/27/2003 >> ralph

what're spermadine and acrylamide?

6/27/2003 >> ralph

thank you my dear.

6/27/2003 >> Casey

What dren didn't mention, and more importantly, is that spermidine is the chemical in semen that allows sperm to attach to eggs. You see, all cells carry a net negative charge. Sperm and Egg can't hook up without something to nuetralize the charge on one or the other. That's the purpose of spermidine, bathing sperm cells in the stuff actually gives the sperm a _slight_ overall positive charge. In molecualr biology labs like mine (and drens?), its used as a reagent to nuetraqlize the charge of DNA so we can shoot the stuff into cells to do our genetic engineering. But here's the kicker....

Spermidine is the chemical that gives semen its characteristic smell.

So here's a fun party trick for you. Bring a tiny little spray bottle or afrin nasy spray bottle of concentrated spermidine with you into some club and casually squirt a few people with it. Sit back and watch the social dynamics get weird.

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