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On the fifth day of rocky my true love gave to me...
Previous | Next by rich 30 June, 2003 - 9:11 AM

Where there is a problem a solution must be found.

Problem: most of a keg of beer still at my house. It is a pain in the ass to keep it cold.

Solution: every week day this week I will show another Rocky Movie at 8 or 9 PM. We will make up a stupid key word to drink on. Beer will be gone by the end of the week.

The sooner you come by I.E. tonight the better the movie will be. I will start with Rocky I and go through V.

6/30/2003 >> rich

even more reason for you to see them... especial the first one. It is quite good.

6/30/2003 >> muhgcee

surfing the Interweb at work already Rich? way to go, that's how it should be.

6/30/2003 >> ralph

dren, you've never seen Rocky???? You poor, deprived child. Rocky I is one of the top 20 movies of all time.

6/30/2003 >> rich

yes, posting the first day at the new job. I got install the new PC duty today.

6/30/2003 >> muhgcee

watch it by yourself?

6/30/2003 >> rich

your loss. I had a problem with a certin nick name for Richard for a while. Then I realised that I should just take it as a complement.

6/30/2003 >> rich

Oh I still ask them not to refer to me by that nick name. I just say thank-you for the complement but I would rather be called Rich. Then I usualy call them a pussy. *ahem* cat

6/30/2003 >> rich

what could be so bad anyway about a series of movies were the man is in love with your name sake?

6/30/2003 >> ralph

actually dren i can understand your aversion to watching it. I'm the same way with "A Christmas Story". I saw it once, but will never be able to watch it again.

6/30/2003 >> ralph

no, that wasn't me, it was some kid that had the same name as me.

Damn, i hate that movie

6/30/2003 >> muhgcee

you all think you have it bad? try "Stuart Little"

6/30/2003 >> ralph

yes, but i also had "Ralph S. Mouse" when i was a kid.

6/30/2003 >> muhgcee

I am too young to have heard of that.

7/1/2003 >> ben

what, no one had a sport cream named after them in middle school??

anywho... they are good movies, we did well last night on "yo" and "ya know"

more beer left?

7/1/2003 >> ralph

not only was it a sport cream, bennie, but it was a sport cream that defined your sexuality.

7/2/2003 >> erato


7/2/2003 >> ben

yeah, you have no idea how hard it's been to live that one down... everyone in 6th grade thought i was limp wristed on purpose!

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