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Canceling Audible
by elfie at 05 June, 2013 - 9:23 AM
So, about a year ago I canceled my audible account and in the process I learned that they go through several steps of offers to try to get you to stay. The first time, I continued with the cancellation and then re-started it again once I finished the books already on my account, but this time... I kind of want to see how much I can game the system... so I'm gonna use this post to keep track of how it goes.
Latest comment: 24 June 13, 12:01 PM

More Spam. More Missing Posts.
by elfie at 23 April, 2013 - 1:05 AM
I just deleted 10 more spam posts. Unfortunately this uncovered a bug that caused me to delete at least two (if not more) legit posts as well :( If you delete a post while a previous delete operation is still in progress, it deletes the wrong post, because it appears to be using the visual index of the post (5th from the top) rather than the database index (id 5432). Ben, time to implement one of our proposed spam-prevention measures? Maybe temporarily disable registration?
Latest comment: 30 April 13, 11:55 PM

Slothville Has a New Christmas Theme
by elfie at 17 December, 2012 - 10:12 AM
Latest comment: 17 December 12, 10:12 AM

Laptop Upgrade Time
by elfie at 13 November, 2012 - 5:47 AM
Alright, I'm on the prowl. I'm looking for a portable Windows 8 device (laptop/ultrabook/whatever). Must be actual Windows 8, not RT. Must have a touch screen AND a real keyboard. Must be a decent (not necessarily spectacular) gaming machine (Guild Wars 2 to be precise). Any suggestions? No urgency on this potential purchase. Just window shopping for now.
Latest comment: 12 December 12, 9:26 AM

It's Upgrade Time
by elfie at 02 October, 2012 - 11:42 AM
Okay, so right now I've got two 1TB drives set up as a hardware RAID1 as my main system disks and two 3TB drives set up as a software RAID1 as my media disks. The media drives have about 200GB free are are storing nothing but movies and music (mostly movies). The system drives are using up 430GB. I'm running Windows 7. End goal is to upgrade to Windows 8 using an upgrade key (when it comes out), replace the system drives with 256GB SSDs (still in a RAID1), and move the entire Users folder onto the Media drives.
Latest comment: 07 October 12, 8:58 AM

Restart iTunes with a Batch File
by elfie at 11 July, 2012 - 7:01 AM
@echo off taskkill /IM itunes.exe echo Waiting for termination to complete... PING -n 1 -w 5000 >NUL echo Starting iTunes... start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe"
Latest comment: 25 July 12, 4:10 AM

Anything Can Be a Touch Screen Thanks to Disney Research
by elfie at 11 May, 2012 - 3:27 AM
Latest comment: 13 May 12, 5:11 AM

I'm the One That's Cool
by elfie at 03 April, 2012 - 9:12 AM
Currently #1 in Rock on Amazon Currently #3 in Rock on iTunes
Latest comment: 04 April 12, 12:50 PM

Eat Out Tokens
by elfie at 05 March, 2012 - 7:59 AM
Pie and I keep trying to set limits on how often we eat out, both for our health and to save money. The last declaration was that we could eat out no more than once a week, which we both immediately independently decided meant "no more than once a week together." And yesterday we ate out (together) for every meal. So clearly that didn't work. So we've come up with a new plan that we're starting today... Every morning we each earn 1 Token, but we can never have more than 5 Tokens in our possession at a time (again, that's 5 each). Normally, eating out costs 2 Tokens, but it only costs 1 Token if any of the following conditions is met:
  • Neither of us is paying for the meal
  • The meal costs a total of 6 or less Weight Watchers Points
  • We are eating out together (it still costs us 1 Token each)
I'll try to post occasional updates on whether or not we are actually capable of following this. We just started today and I'm already 1 Token in the hole, and I expect to still be at -1 at the end of the week, but I'll post a follow-up comment shortly with how that math works out.
Latest comment: 22 March 12, 11:45 PM

Shiny New Server on the Way
by elfie at 18 October, 2011 - 3:04 AM
We're moving DTC to a shiny new server with 4x the RAM of the current one (and other sexy upgrades). If our migration goes speedily, this may mean a small bit of downtime today. So if it does go down, assume it's because shits about to get awesomer. I'll update this post when the migration is complete. Though we'll probably leave the old site running for a bit (pointed to the new database) so that the new DNS can propagate.
Latest comment: 24 October 11, 7:23 AM

Ready Player One
by elfie at 13 September, 2011 - 8:54 AM
Were you alive for at least half of the 80's? Love video games? Play an MMO? Play D&D? Memorize movie dialog? Watch a lot of tv? Enjoy sci-fi? Consider yourself a geek? I'd say if you can answer "yes" to 5 of those questions, Ready Player One is required reading. You can also get half points for being into anime, complex puzzles and riddles, hackers, samurai, online anonymity, gender identity, giant robots, or Rush. The book is written by Ernest Cline, who also wrote the screenplay for Fanboys (which is a totally awesome movie if you're a Star Wars fan). As an amazing extra bonus, the audiobook is read by Wil Wheaton, who totally nails it. I just finished listening to it this morning and I absolutely completely loved it. I cannot recommend this book enough.
Latest comment: 01 October 11, 7:24 AM

Perform This Way by Weird Al
by elfie at 22 June, 2011 - 3:44 AM
Latest comment: 22 June 11, 2:22 PM

William's Room
by elfie at 21 May, 2011 - 9:01 AM
Latest comment: 22 May 11, 1:13 PM

Jesus WAS going to end the world today, but...
by elfie at 21 May, 2011 - 8:45 AM
Latest comment: 21 May 11, 11:03 AM

The Best Two Minutes of Family Feud You've Ever Seen
by elfie at 01 March, 2011 - 5:17 PM
Latest comment: 02 March 11, 8:19 AM

Math Problem!
by elfie at 11 February, 2011 - 9:42 AM
You roll 3D6 (three six-sided dice), two are black and one is green. 1) What is the chance that you will roll doubles (any two dice match)? 2) What is the chance that the green die matches either of the black ones? 3) What is the chance that the two black dice match? Rolling three-of-a-kind still qualifies as rolling doubles. Present all answers as a percentage. Show your work (as much as HTML will allow).
Latest comment: 09 March 11, 2:24 AM

New Daft Punk + New Tron = Complete Win
by elfie at 27 October, 2010 - 4:41 AM
Latest comment: 28 October 10, 10:37 AM

Small, Fun, Quick Games
by elfie at 05 August, 2010 - 3:06 AM
I'm on the Fun Committee at work (yes, really), and one thing I want to do is put a tabletop game on every table in our break room. These games have to be cheap, fairly easy to learn, playable in under 10 minutes, and preferably small so they don't take up a lot of room on the table and you can still eat your lunch while playing. I'd like these to be comfortably playable by 3-6 people, but I'm not opposed to two-player games like Connect Four. All of these will probably end up being played tournament-style with fabulous prizes at some point in the not too distant future. Right now I've got Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice, both of which have been pretty huge hits. At our old office, we also had a copy of Set, which people liked a lot, so I'll probably pick that up again. Anyone have any other recommendations?
Latest comment: 08 August 10, 8:08 PM

"Up One Folder" button in Vista & 7
by elfie at 01 July, 2010 - 5:19 AM
A co-worker sent me this. I just installed it. Totally love it.
Latest comment: 21 July 10, 3:13 AM

Programming Keyboard Commands into a Harmony Remote
by elfie at 06 May, 2010 - 5:58 AM
Latest comment: 06 May 10, 6:21 AM

Wil Wheaton Stinks ... DOT COOOOOOOOOOM
by elfie at 15 April, 2010 - 5:24 AM
First let me say that Wil Wheaton is actually pretty awesome. But if you saw Monday night's Big Bang Theory, you might remember Sheldon saying that he owned, .net, and .org. Well actually Warner Brothers owns them and is doing nothing with them, but I own (as well as and Wil tweeted a clip of the episode a day before the episode aired, so I managed to get in there early. I didn't get the .net and .org versions of the misspelling at the time, because honestly I didn't think anyone would visit them. I kind of wish I had.
Latest comment: 16 April 10, 11:14 AM

Dear Facebook, I Give Up (as a developer)
by elfie at 28 February, 2010 - 11:07 AM
You folks may or may not know that I've been running several Facebook apps for a couple years now. Nine Inch Nails (6,767 users) Marilyn Manson (3,686 users) Final Fantasy (1,896 users) The Smashing Pumpkins (856 users) (I've also got one for Pat Metheny created at the request of a former employer, but I no longer keep it up to date. 947 users) They're all actually running on the exact same code, but pulling different data based on which app the user is accessing. They're fairly simple. They let you check off items in your collection and/or your wishlist, which sends an update to your news feed and also lets you show off your collection or wishlist a couple different ways on your profile. They also provide news updates from google and other sources via Facebook Notifications. I think it's time to shut them all off.
Latest comment: 28 February 10, 11:45 AM

Captain Kirk is Climbing a Mountain
by elfie at 13 September, 2009 - 7:50 AM

Latest comment: 14 September 09, 4:46 PM

This is going to be interesting to like two people. You've been warned.
by elfie at 11 August, 2009 - 5:17 PM
I've been playing Oblivion a lot lately and I've been trying to decide if I want to turn my character into a Vampire. I have successfully contracted Porphyric Hemophilia, the disease which leads to Vampirism if left untreated for 72 hours. I saved my game after getting infected and then waited for three days (without saving) just to see what would happen. I can't decide what to do.
Latest comment: 12 August 09, 4:10 PM

Windows 7 Editions
by elfie at 26 June, 2009 - 3:48 AM
So Windows 7 is now available for pre-order. Amazon has Home Premium and Professional at 50% off for the Upgrade editions. The lack of a deal on Ultimate kinda bummed me out because I was under the assumption that it was a similar model to Vista where Ultimate was a merger of all the features in Home Premium and Pro, but based on this chart from wikipedia, it looks like Pro has all the features that Home Premium does. And I don't really see anything in Ultimate that I would need. I had been considering holding out for a MSDN event to give me a free copy, but $100 definitely feels like the right price point to me. Anyone else planning to upgrade right away? What version are you going for?
Latest comment: 26 June 09, 4:03 PM

One Music Collection, Two People, Three Computers, Two iPhones
by elfie at 25 June, 2009 - 4:31 PM
How the crap can I accomplish this? Currently, Pie and I each have our own desktops with our own music collections, our own copies of iTunes, our own playlists, syncing to our own iPhones. In these two music collections, there is a lot of overlap. There is also a lot of stuff I have that she might want to include in her collection but she doesn't know I have it, and vice versa. Ideal end situation would be this: We still have our own copies of iTunes on our own computers. We have our own playlists and can see each other's playlists. All the music is stored in the windows-defined music folder on each machine. When one of us imports a CD or downloads a song, it instantly appears on the other person's iTunes, unchecked. We have our own star ratings and "checked" settings. A third computer also has a copy of iTunes and has automatic access to all of the songs we have access to, but it can't make changes to the collection. Any of these computers can be controlled via Remote on the iPhone. I can concede a few things if needed. I can give up: seeing each other's playlists, new songs from the other person automatically being unchecked, music being physically stored in the My Music folder on each machine, and the third computer not being able to modify the collection. I think everything else is required in order to consider a solution a success.
Latest comment: 10 September 09, 9:01 AM

So it is written
by elfie at 15 June, 2009 - 9:11 AM
The dining room shall become the place in which they compute, the lounge shall become the place in which they dine, and the office shall become the place in which they recreate. So it shall be done.
Latest comment: 16 June 09, 5:25 AM

Time for a new PC
by elfie at 27 May, 2009 - 4:20 PM
First, no I'm not going Linux and no I'm not getting a Mac. Now that we've got that out of the way, my power supply has gone up for the fourth time on the same rig with no other component failing along the way. Something is shorting it, but I have no idea what. I've been given spousal decree that it's time for a new machine.
Latest comment: 18 June 09, 1:21 PM

iTunes Automatic Music Import?
by elfie at 02 April, 2009 - 1:43 PM
Dear Mac/iTunes users, is there any way I can get iTunes to see when I drop a new MP3 in the My Music folder and automatically add it to my library? Third-party background utility maybe? Every other music library software on the planet has this feature. Why the hell doesn't iTunes?
Latest comment: 03 April 09, 7:04 AM

Thinking Out Loud
by elfie at 16 March, 2009 - 4:01 AM
So I've had this plan for a major overhaul to one of my projects for a while now. But I haven't implemented it because the data structure is kind of wacky. Now of course it doesn't have to be STORED the way its displayed to the user, I know that. But I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the best way to structure the data in a database.
Latest comment: 18 March 09, 2:23 AM

Online Viewing for the 81st Annual Academy Awards
by elfie at 23 February, 2009 - 12:42 AM
c'mon pirateers, it's been like 12 hours, why can't I find a torrent on TPB yet? Hulu? YouTube? Bueler? Anyone? Mostly I just wanna watch the Best Supporting Actor category plus anything else they may or may not have presented about Heath Ledger, but I wouldn't mind being able to watch the whole thing with the ability to easily skip the categories where I don't give a shit about any of the potential winners.
Latest comment: 23 February 09, 1:16 AM

Star Trek Super Bowl Ad
by elfie at 02 February, 2009 - 7:57 AM
In case you missed it, here's the new Trek trailer that aired during the Super Bowl! I can tell this is going to be a fantastic film.
Latest comment: 06 February 09, 1:38 AM

Upgrade Time
by elfie at 27 January, 2009 - 4:23 AM
Computer hardware has advanced enough since I last upgraded the main guts of my PC that at this point if I were to upgrade the CPU, the video card, the RAM, OR the motherboard, I would actually have to upgrade ALL of them at once. And its running slow as balls. XP SP3 won't install. It probably takes a good 5 minutes to fully boot. Once it's booted, it's usable for outlook, itunes, chrome, visual studio, and guild wars, which probably encompasses 95% of my at-home PC use, but I don't enjoy the experience. Nothing feels snappy. I'm always waiting. My laptop is a much better daily-use machine than my desktop right now. So I'm thinking of a couple options of what to do about this.
Latest comment: 28 January 09, 10:05 AM

Amazon Remembers is Awesome
by elfie at 14 January, 2009 - 3:40 AM
So I got an iPhone recently and have been playing around with various apps. Some cool, some useless. The Amazon app is both. Using it for searching and browsing products is pretty pointless. If I already know enough about a product to search for it, I'm probably searching for extra info that is available on their website, but not via the app. For example, last night when I was watching Wanted, I heard NIN on the soundtrack and wanted to see if there was some remix I didn't know about on the physical CD. I searched for "wanted soundtrack" in the amazon app and found it easily, but there is NO way in their app to get the track listing. Completely useless. So I switched to Safari and used the very slick iPhone version of their website, which did let me easily view track info. (If you're curious, no none of the bands feature in the movie are on the CD soundtrack, just Danny Elfman's score.) So the app needs work, but it does have one particularly freaking awesome feature. Amazon Remembers. As far as I know, this is only currently available in their iPhone/iPod Touch app and is not yet available for other mobile devices, but I'm sure that's in the works. Basically it lets you take a picture of ANYTHING, send that picture to Amazon, and they'll try to match your photo with a related product. It's not instant, but it's impressively fast and accurate.
Latest comment: 15 January 09, 2:33 AM

Byebye Comcast
by elfie at 16 December, 2008 - 7:47 AM
So a little over a year ago, I got fed up with Comcast not being able to get my HD channels working. I called and threatened to leave for Millennium and they gave me a great deal and a promise to get the HD working, which they finally followed through on. I was perfectly happy with Comcast for a year. About a week ago my HBO and Starz turned off and I received a bill that was $35 more than it usually was. Aparantly I was on a one year promotion that nobody told me I was one. "So put me back on that promotion." "Well we can give you HBO and Starz back and reduce the bill by $10 but we can't give you back the plan you were on and this deal will go away in six months." "Okay I'll give you a call to cancel after my FiOS is installed." My free install is scheduled for January 3rd. My monthly bill will actually be $8 more than my current Comcast bill, but my Internet will be twice as fast and I'll get a bagillion more movie channels and HD channels. FiOS FTW. Oh and over the course of my first three months I'm getting about $150 off via various promotions. Whee!
Latest comment: 17 December 08, 8:16 AM

Home Audio Stuff
by elfie at 02 December, 2008 - 3:29 AM
So I have a Sony receiver. It's a STR-K990 to be exact. I also have a new fancy whole-home audio system, the Nuvo Simplese. The Nuvo takes as inputs pairs of RCA cables. The Sony receiver has an auxiliary left and right RCA output. Great, right? Yeah... except that the Sony does NOT output to the RCA ports anything that is input to it from optical audio. The manual doesn't say anything about this restriction, but from my own testing, this seems to be the case. And right now I have the PS3 and the Tivo going to the receiver via optical audio. So what's a boy to do if I want ALL my living room sound playable on the Nuvo? The Sony also has secondary front speaker outputs. I believe this just replicates what is already going to the front left and right speakers. I was thinking I could get one of these, but I don't know shit about sound so I wouldn't know which one to get. Also, I'm concerned that if all it does is replicate what's on the front left and right speakers instead of pairing the whole thing down to stereo (from surround), it would sound funny if someone's voice (or other important sound) were only being sent to the rear channels. So I'm not sure what route to take next. The Tivo will output the optical and RCA at the same time, so I've considered taking advantage of that, but the PS3 will only send audio via one output type at a time. Anyone have any advice? I feel like my best bet is probably to go the route of finding something that will take the front left/right speaker outputs and convert it to left/right RCA outputs even though I might get weirdness from surround sources. But I have no idea which one of those things I should get.
Latest comment: 03 December 08, 2:07 AM

Speaker Wire for Sale
by elfie at 24 November, 2008 - 12:39 AM
I've got a 250 foot spool of speaker wire that I'm not going to use because it's too thick for the job I'm doing. Here's the text written on the wiring: EXTRAFLEX PLUS™ BY LIBERTY 14-4C-EX+ E190607-E (UL) 14 AWG OXYGEN FREE TYPE CL3 75°C --- C(UL) TYPE CMG FT4 60°C AUDIO ONLY It’s all four wires bundled together (positive/negative x left/right). Bought it from Tweeter for $150, which is going out of business so I can't return it. Will take any reasonable offer (and will make my very first ever Craigslist post if nobody here wants it).
Latest comment: 24 November 08, 12:39 AM

by elfie at 17 November, 2008 - 10:20 AM
Latest comment: 22 November 08, 4:01 AM

"Respire" Behind the Scenes
by elfie at 15 November, 2008 - 2:51 AM
Latest comment: 03 December 08, 3:51 AM

Wanted: Woman to have Head Shaved on Camera for $200
by elfie at 09 September, 2008 - 8:52 AM
As you may have read in other posts, Pie and I are doing some work on a movie. It's by the same writer/directory who did GhostWatcher and GhostWatcher II except with a significantly bigger budget. The two days I've been on set so far have been awesome, but that's not what this post is about. What this post is about is that we need an actress. No experience required.
Latest comment: 02 October 08, 4:38 AM

We Need a Search Button
by elfie at 02 September, 2008 - 5:30 AM
Anyone remember the video that someone posted here not too long ago with that electronic musical instrument where you could set a beat by moving marbles around above a light sensor? Something like what's used in the first couple seconds of this video? Can anyone find that post? Or tell me what the device is called? I ask because NIN used one that was about 8 feet tall at the concert I went to on Friday and it was pretty fucking sweet.
Latest comment: 03 September 08, 3:12 AM

Frank Miller + Batman = WTF?
by elfie at 02 September, 2008 - 3:23 AM
So we all know Frank Miller is a bit of a crazypants. He's a brilliant crazypants, but still a crazypants. His first foray into Batman was The Dark Knight Returns, which I read a while ago and honestly don't remember a whole lot about other than the fact that it takes place at a theoretical end of Batman's career and there's fighting against Superman. It was good, but it was far enough outside of the realm of what I knew as Batman that I just thought of it as an Elseworlds. (He also wrote a sequel much later that I remember nothing about other than the fact that it was a little disappointing.) Miller's second foray into Batman was Batman: Year One, which I am ashamed to admit I just read for the first time within the last month. It was a pretty good story about Batman's beginnings. Miller threw in some stuff to make his Dark Knight Returns story fit better into the main continuity and gave the whole series a much grittier feel, but still kept it within the realm of canon Batman. It is considered by many to be the essential Batman book and served as the inspiration for both the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan Batman movies. Most recently, Miller worked on All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, which I read right after I finished Year One, because I heard it was approximately Miller's Year One-and-a-Half. I'd probably call it more of a Year-Two-and-a-Half, but that's not the point. The point is... what the fuck?
Latest comment: 03 September 08, 6:19 AM

Happy Birthday, Ben!
by elfie at 16 August, 2008 - 1:33 AM
Latest comment: 25 August 08, 7:01 AM

Which one do I open?
by elfie at 23 July, 2008 - 7:59 AM
So I am now in posession of 11 of the 250,000 limited numbered copies of The Slip that are in existence on CD/DVD. Here they are in order, along with notes as to why the numbers are significant.
11,919(lowest number I got)
22,191(also a low number)
35,958(yet another lowish number)
100,002(SO close to exactly 100k)
155,123(closest I have to a midpoint, ends with 123)
179,880(sequential with next)
179,881(sequential with previous)
186,230(sequential with next)
186,231(sequential with previous)
209,700(highest number I got)
I'm leaning toward opening number 155,123 but I'm open to input. I'm also open to the suggestion that I need to buy 16 more copies so that I have 27 in total because this is Halo 27. hehehe
Latest comment: 24 July 08, 6:55 AM

The Dark Knight
by elfie at 17 July, 2008 - 11:04 PM
Go see the Dark Knight right fucking now. I'm not kidding. Stop whatever you're doing, find a movie theater, and go see it. Holy shit.
Latest comment: 05 August 08, 7:23 AM

Nine Inch Nails: The Slip - Physical Release
by elfie at 21 June, 2008 - 7:22 AM
The Slip, which can be downloaded for free, will see a limited worldwide release of 250,000 individually numbered CDs. The CD will come with a DVD that contains videos of live rehearsals. The album will also be released on vinyl. Both versions go on sale July 22nd, but can be pre-ordered now. So far, I've ordered like 7 copies of the CD from various retailers. I'm a crazypants :p
Latest comment: 21 June 08, 7:22 AM

Anyone ever written an installer for a website?
by elfie at 04 June, 2008 - 4:39 AM
I need to write an installer for a web project. The website IS the software to be installed, so part of the installation will need to make sure that the app is connected properly in IIS. As part of the installation process, I also need to gather information for a database connection (and test it), select an installed printer, and request (and validate) a registration key. The results of this information gathering need to be stored in the web.config for the installed site. I'd also like to ensure ahead of time that ASP.NET 3.5 is installed.
Latest comment: 06 June 08, 2:19 AM

How to Spawn 4.2 Billion Threads
by elfie at 02 June, 2008 - 4:47 AM
    private void GetSalesRankAsync()     {         Thread t = new Thread(new ThreadStart(GetSalesRankAsync));         t.IsBackground = true;         t.Start();     }     private void GetSalesRank()     {         try         {             //Do some stuff         }         catch (Exception e)         {             Utils.LogError(AlbumID, "Error in GetSalesRank: " + e.ToString());         }     }
Latest comment: 03 June 08, 12:12 AM

Math Problem
by elfie at 21 May, 2008 - 7:50 AM
You have N items in a line numbered 1 through N. You want to find out how far Item X is from its closest endpoint. We'll call this value Y. Item 1 and Item N have a Y of 0. Sequence example, for N = 8: X: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Y: 0 1 2 3 3 2 1 0 I need an equation for this and I need it solved for Y. Any takers?
Latest comment: 22 May 08, 1:48 AM

Nine Inch Nails - Halo 27 - The Slip - RIGHT NOW! FULL ALBUM! FREE! 7/10 WITH VOCALS! FTW!
by elfie at 05 May, 2008 - 12:05 AM
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Final Fantasy Girls vs Dead or Alive Girls
by elfie at 24 April, 2008 - 2:04 AM
This is pretty cool. But this is fucking awesome.
Latest comment: 29 April 08, 12:53 AM

Mulholland Drive =? Lost Highway
by elfie at 14 April, 2008 - 3:38 PM
So uhhh.... we just had a little David Lynch-athon... and ummm... Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway... same fucking movie? Approximately? Yes?
Latest comment: 23 April 08, 7:55 AM

Facebook Application Development
by elfie at 09 April, 2008 - 9:25 AM
I just took my first Facebook app out of development mode. It's not complete, but it's done enough that I'd consider it usable by other people. It's nothing fancy, just a Nine Inch Nails collection check list and plus a music player for Ghosts I-IV. But it was an interesting learning experience, and I'll be adding some more things too it in the not too distant future.
Latest comment: 23 April 08, 6:20 AM

Saul Williams last night in Annapolis
by elfie at 07 April, 2008 - 2:56 AM
Dan and I saw Saul Williams last night at Ram's Head On Stage in Annapolis. On Stage seats maybe 100 people at MOST. It's a dinner and a show kind of place so everyone is at tables and servers are coming back asking if you want drinks or appetizers through the whole show. For a performance as big as Saul Williams, this kinda makes things a little awkward for both performer and audience.
Latest comment: 11 April 08, 2:05 AM

Rock Band
by elfie at 26 March, 2008 - 2:51 AM
God damnit. So, I'll admit that I was a big fan of Donkey Konga (wiki, amazon), but none of the other rhythm games have ever interested me. I tried DDR (www, wiki, amazon) once or twice and just didn't like it at all. My cousin got Karaoke Revolution (wiki, amazon) for Christmas last year and we had some fun fooling around on that, but not enogh that I'd want to own it. I never tried Guitar Hero (www, wiki, amazon). The whole thing always seemed so silly because it was so much NOT like playing a guitar and I just didn't have any interest in it at all. But when Rock Band (www, wiki, amazon) was coming out and they starting announcing artists that would be in the game, I saw that Nine Inch Nails (www, wiki, amazon) was going to be represented. That got me a little interested, but not interested enough to buy it or anything. That'd just be silly. I figured it was just a cross between Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution. Then a couple weeks ago, they came out with the first Nine Inch Nails track pack. That interested me enough to invite John to bring his 360 over so I could give it a try. I mean, I sing along to NIN all the time. I did okay at Karaoke Revolution. I've been told I'd make a good front man. I figured I could rock some vocals. Turns out I'm a drummer.
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Watchmen: 3/6/9
by elfie at 10 March, 2008 - 11:54 PM
Latest comment: 11 March 08, 3:06 PM

Fuck You, Vista
by elfie at 06 March, 2008 - 8:00 AM
So... Just in case any of you ever needed to know this information, Windows Vista doesn't let you use multiple video cards unless all of the video cards use the same driver. That means if you've got a sexy ATI card as your primary and you want to toss in a cheap nVidia to power tertiary monitors, you can't do it. You have to get another expensive ATI card that will use the exact same drivers. Pain in my fucking ass.
Latest comment: 10 March 08, 2:29 AM

View from the New Office
by elfie at 03 March, 2008 - 7:04 AM
As promised, here are a few pictures of the view from my new 15th-floor office.
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Wii Game Sale on Amazon Today
by elfie at 21 February, 2008 - 11:52 PM
The Amazon Gold Box is full of Wii Games today. The all-day (or until they run out) sale is Super Paper Mario for $30, which I have to say is a LOT of fun. I highly recommend it for any Wii-owner. Classic side-scrolling Mario action with RPG elements. The 9AM-1PM sale is described as "An epic tale of swords and beasts for fantasy and role-playing Wii gamers." At first I got excited that this might be Dragon Quest: Swords, which just came out and I really want, but then I realized it was most likely Twilight Princess. We'll see. Here's hoping for Dragon Quest! Unfortunately, I'm working on an office move today, so I will be away from the Intertubes. I'll probably be texting my wifelet to see what the sales are as they come up. All but one of them specifically says that it's a Wii game, and the one that doesn't say it's a Wii game says it's a Sim game. I'm looking forward to finding out what the "big super happy fun fun" Wii classic is tonight!
Latest comment: 22 February 08, 12:57 PM

It's Official, Blu-Ray Wins
by elfie at 19 February, 2008 - 2:33 AM
Toshiba Announces Discontinuation of HD DVD Businesses
Latest comment: 22 February 08, 1:21 AM

Trent Reznor: "2 weeks" - the Countdown Begins
by elfie at 18 February, 2008 - 12:43 AM
Last night, Trent updated his blog with a blank post simply titled "2 weeks." He's been working on what he's been referring to as a "secret project" pretty much since the instant that NiggyTardust went live. Is it a new NIN album? Is it another collaboration like NiggyTardust? I guess we'll find out in two weeks minus one day!
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by elfie at 05 February, 2008 - 8:03 AM
Anyone use USAA or E*TRADE for Checking and/or Savings accounts, preferably both? Any complaints or love stories?
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I'm Doing This as Loud as I Can
by elfie at 01 February, 2008 - 12:32 AM
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Garmin nüvi 660 on sale day
by elfie at 30 January, 2008 - 3:31 AM
I know at least a couple people on here have been in my car, played with my navigator/MP3 player/in-car wireless phone bluetooth thingie, and said something along the lines of "wow that's really cool, but I'm not paying that much for it." So I thought I'd let you know that it's on sale on amazon today. 50% off. I would kick myself for having paid full price for it a year ago, but I've definitely gotten enough use out of it in the last twelve months to make it well worth the price difference.
Latest comment: 30 January 08, 3:31 AM

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
by elfie at 16 January, 2008 - 8:06 AM
Pie and I watched the first episode of the new Terminator series last night. I have to say it was pretty good. Not perfect, but a FAR cry from the atrocity that was the Bionic Woman. I thought Summer Glau was particularly good, but the rest of the cast wasn't too shabby either. I'm looking forward to watching the second episode. Hopefully we can catch it tonight before trivia. Has anyone else checked it out?
Latest comment: 17 January 08, 1:47 AM

Awe Yeah Bitches
by elfie at 16 January, 2008 - 2:45 AM
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Arrested Development for $30
by elfie at 14 December, 2007 - 1:59 AM
I highly recommend this for everyone. The greatest television show to ever air is available on Amazon for $30 for the entire series for today only while supplies last. Buy it now. Buy four of them. Give them to friends and family. Update: Sold Out
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What Movies Do I Want?
by elfie at 04 December, 2007 - 11:35 PM
Because my wife is fucking awesome, she got me a 60GB PlayStation 3 for the first night of Hanukah! Why is the 60GB so cool? They're not making them any more and they're the only model that actually has the PlayStation 2 hardware inside it, so it maintains over 97% backward compatibility with previous-generation games, as opposed to the 80GB's 72% compatibility through software emulation. Hotness.
Latest comment: 12 December 07, 2:46 AM

TiVo Hard Drive Replacement
by elfie at 19 November, 2007 - 2:38 AM
So with the 180GB drive that came with my TiVo HD, I can store about 20 hours of HD or 180 hours of SD. That's plenty of SD, so we'll leave that out of the rest of the discussion, but 20 hours of HD isn't much, especially if we plan to record movies and save them for repeated viewing (which we often do). Between Heroes, Smallville, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and My Name is Earl plus extra padding on each show in case of run-over, that's 4 hours of HD gone already. If that was all we recorded on a weekly basis (it's not) and we never waited more than a week between watching shows (we do), that'd leave us room for about 8 movies at 2 hours each. And that doesn't leave any room for TiVo Suggestions, which are one of my favorite TiVo features. So I think I need more drive space.
Latest comment: 21 November 07, 11:53 AM

Star Trek XI and Harlan Ellison
by elfie at 13 November, 2007 - 2:31 AM
So I don't know if anyone else cares about the new Star Trek movie, but the cast is coming together very well. Latest additions are Karl Urban as Bones and Winona Ryder as Spock's mom. But what about the plot? Well, I've read a brief synopsis and it sounds pretty good to me. If you're worried about spoilers, don't click any of these links, but I honestly don't think there's anything in here that won't be given away in the trailers.

Link number 1: Plot synopsis.
Link number 2: Who is Harlan Ellison and why is he pissed off by this?
Link number 3: Hahhahahaha! (scroll down to "Foolscap" and read from there)
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DJ Stumbles Gig Calendar to your Right
by elfie at 05 November, 2007 - 8:57 AM
You're welcome :)
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The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!
by elfie at 02 November, 2007 - 12:46 AM

You may or may not have heard that Trent Reznor was collaborating with hip-hop artist / spoken word poet, Saul Williams on a new album. The album has been released online at You can download the entire album for free or pay $5 for it if you want to support the artists. You've probably heard about Radiohead releasing their latest album online and letting people set their own price.

Quote from Trent in regard to how much he paid for Radiohead's latest album: "I bought the physical one, so I spent a whopping $80. [Pauses.] But, then I re-bought it and paid $5,000, because I really felt that I need to support the arts..."

On NiggyTardust! Trent did most of the music and Saul did most of the vocals. You might recognize Saul Williams as the guy who did the strangest Survivalism remix you've ever heard. It was only available as a B-Side on the vinyl single, but it was pretty wicked. You probably wouldn't peg me as a fan of hip-hop and you'd be right, but this is a pretty awesome collaboration. New York Magazine recently published a great interview with them both about this album.

Quote from Saul in regard to how he'd categorize the music: "Gosh, I don't know, ghetto gothic? I guess I'd characterize it as hard-core dance... It's so danceable. I have a lot to say, but I wanted to find a way to say it that didn't get in the way of me dancing my ass off."

I have been listening to their cover of Sunday Bloody Sunday for about 12 hours straight. It's fucking awesome. I am not exaggerating here. It's one of the best tunes I've heard in a long time. It's worth the $5 alone even if the rest of the album isn't really you're thing. If you don't want to spend $5 and don't have the bandwith do download the entire album, you can hear this track on Saul's MySpace page or on mine. Seriously. Listen to it. You'll like it.

One more quote from Trent: "This is the most involved I've been with any project outside NIN since Antichrist Superstar."
Latest comment: 04 November 07, 11:46 AM

I want TiVo back
by elfie at 29 October, 2007 - 4:52 AM
I've had my sexy HD tv for coming up on two years now. Shortly after buying it, I ordered all the HD programming that Comcast had to offer. It was sexy. But my TiVo Series 2 was not capable of recording HD programming. I told myself that I'd occasionally watch live HD programming in order to justify the cost of the service, but it just never happened.

About a year ago, TiVo came out with their Series 3 receivier to support HD programming. Awesome. I could finally start taking advantage of the HD programming I'd been paying for and not using. It cost $800. Not awesome. But I had been wanting one of these SO bad, so I decided to start prepping to take the plunge.
Latest comment: 19 November 07, 3:49 AM

Wii Adds Keyboard Support
by elfie at 16 October, 2007 - 1:35 AM
On October 10th, Nintendo released an update to the Wii to allow USB keyboard support. If your Wii isn't giving you the blue glow yet, it's because they're slowing pushing out the notices so as not to overload their servers. Details of the update can be found on

Basically the only things that actually USE the keyboard right now are the Wii Message board, the Everybody Votes Channel, and the Internet Channel. But this opens the door for keyboard support in games as well (MMOs anyone?).

The only keybaord they are explicitly stating will work is Logitech's Classic Keyboard 200, but they're saying that any standard USB keyboard should be fine.

I've also seen reports that Logitech's wireless S510 works as well. I'm about 90% sure that's the keyboard Pie has plugged into her desktop, so I'll give it a try and let you know if it works as soon as I can. Because really... who wants wires on their Wii?
Latest comment: 16 October 07, 1:35 AM

Nine Inch Nails is now Independent
by elfie at 08 October, 2007 - 9:21 AM
via and the hotline:

"Hello everyone. I've waited a LONG time to be able to make the following announcement: as of right now Nine Inch Nails is a totally free agent, free of any recording contract with any label. I have been under recording contracts for 18 years and have watched the business radically mutate from one thing to something inherently very different and it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally have a direct relationship with the audience as I see fit and appropriate. Look for some announcements in the near future regarding 2008. Exciting times, indeed."

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by elfie at 05 October, 2007 - 2:30 PM
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Free Wiimote Jackets
by elfie at 02 October, 2007 - 2:05 AM
Nintendo is going to start shipping slip-resistant covers with all new Wii systems and remotes. If you already have remotes, you can use the following form to request free jackets for them:

This is awesome, but I'm sure it'll piss off all the third-party sellers who have been producing these.
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Kongregate - Fun Flash Games
by elfie at 28 September, 2007 - 3:37 AM
So I've been having fun playing around on Kongregate lately. It's not your average website-full-of-flash-games. I mean, it IS a website full of flash games, but they've integrated this really cool points and trophies system around the website that kind of ties the whole thing together.

So if you achieve certain accomplishments in various games, you get points added to your account and a badge is displayed on your profile. I hear this is like XBOX Live, but I wouldn't know. Gain enough points and you gain a level. I'm level 6! FTW! What does that actually mean? I have no idea, but having my video game brain, it's exciting. They also have a weekly challenge that if you completely it, you get a card for their upcoming (digital) collectible card game.

It's a cool system and so far I've actually enjoyed almost all of the games I've tried. Check it out and add me as a friend!

That link SHOULD automatically add you as my friend if you join. You can play without joining, but you can't get badges ;)
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Kirk + Spock = Closer
by elfie at 19 September, 2007 - 2:22 AM
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Trent Reznor says "Steal It"
by elfie at 16 September, 2007 - 10:13 PM
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Christopher Judge from Stargate SG-1 learns what a Furry is
by elfie at 13 September, 2007 - 12:28 AM
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Onslaught 2
by elfie at 12 September, 2007 - 6:35 AM
Number 23 All-Time High Score on "Incoming" Map

Silly rotation so as to not stretch the DTC layout. Here's a high-res unrotated version if you don't want to tilt your head.
Latest comment: 12 September 07, 6:35 AM

Content-Aware Image Resizing
by elfie at 27 August, 2007 - 11:11 PM

I think this is WAY cool. I'd love to get my hands on that software to play with it.
Latest comment: 29 August 07, 5:43 AM

How I Spent My Thursday Night
by elfie at 16 August, 2007 - 11:15 PM
Latest comment: 19 August 07, 3:35 AM

D&D 4th Edition Spacing
by elfie at 16 August, 2007 - 11:01 PM
D&D 4th Edition Announced at GenCon

Can anyone explain to me how it makes any sense to space the release of the 4E Player's Guide and DM's Guide by 2 months? I mean... don't you really need both to get a game going? I suppose all of the really important stuff is in the Player's Guide and you could probably run a game from just what's in there... but... I dunno... not releasing them at the same time just seems dumb.

Also, the new Monstrous Manual is being released in between them. It's definitely useful and all, but how does it get release precedence over the DM's Guide?
Latest comment: 20 August 07, 8:13 AM

by elfie at 23 May, 2007 - 9:06 AM
So I've got one folder that I want to keep in sync with four machines. If changes are made to the contents of the folder on any of the four machines I want the change to be reflected in the other three.
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Three Screen Development
by elfie at 18 May, 2007 - 2:12 AM
Maybe I'm spoiled, but at Bally, I got REALLY used to developing with three monitors. It is INFINITELY more efficient than one and still a whole lot better than two.

Email, IM, RSS, and other automatically-updated info apps go in a nice static layout on one monitor. Visual Studio goes on another monitor, and a web browser or two for testing / viewing your output goes on the third monitor. When needed, requirements are either printed or go on monitor one on top of email and all that other stuff.
Latest comment: 18 May 07, 8:22 AM

by elfie at 17 May, 2007 - 7:29 AM
Ben, you need a favicon in the worst way. You are the only link on my Bookmarks Toolbar where I actually have to list the name of the site with the link. All my other bookmarks on the toolbar have recognizable favicons.
Latest comment: 17 May 07, 10:43 AM

Diving into Vista
by elfie at 17 May, 2007 - 3:25 AM
So you may have read that one of the first things Pie and I did on our honeymoon was buy a new computer. You may have also read that this new computer can preinstalled with Vista Home Premium. I had always said that I wasn't going to run Vista until I purchased a new computer and could no longer get XP on it. Looks like that happened a lot sooner than I had originally expected.
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Greetings From Aruba!
by elfie at 02 May, 2007 - 3:49 AM
"So Jamie and Shannon, what did you do on the first day of your honeymoon?!"

"We bought a second laptop so we could both play Guild Wars without having to take turns! :)"
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MP3 Emergency!
by elfie at 27 April, 2007 - 12:53 AM
I need the following tracks on MP3 pretty much right freakin now. I'll delete from the list as I find them, but any help you can provide would be VERY greatly appreciated. Torrents are okay if they're fucking FAST.

Latest comment: 27 April 07, 2:25 AM

Listen to Year Zero
by elfie at 04 April, 2007 - 6:53 AM

Use the above link to listen to the entire album, which comes out in about... two weeks.
Latest comment: 04 April 07, 6:53 AM

Hurt + Kermit = Awesome
by elfie at 29 March, 2007 - 2:53 AM
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No aquatic trifecta this close to the wedding please
by elfie at 26 March, 2007 - 1:59 AM
Last week we had our water heater replaced because the old one was leaking. Not a big deal, only a small puddle, but it was expensive to replace and that's really not an expense we needed right now.

This morning we discovered our basement flooded because somehow after living here for almost a year and a half, the sump pump became slightly unplugged. I just wiggled it back into place and it started right up again. It doesn't look like there was too much damage. Some rugs that have been down there since we moved in absorbed the brunt of it. We did get some wetness around the piles of stuff that we haven't unpacked since we moved in, so tonight after everything dries out, we'll have to go through all that and see what was damaged. Again, probably not going to end up being a big deal, but really freakin annoying and we've got enough to take care of with the wedding only a month away.
Latest comment: 28 March 07, 10:25 PM

Seeking Design Assistance
by elfie at 23 March, 2007 - 1:00 AM
So I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in doing some free (or cheap) design work. I want to make my comic book sites look a little more professional than the black on white with blue links that they are right now.
Latest comment: 23 March 07, 1:00 AM

The Riches
by elfie at 21 March, 2007 - 12:24 AM
Pie and I watched the pilot of The Riches last night (though it aired last week, yay timeshifting!). It's a new drama on FX starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. Eddie Izzard also executive produces the show.

Watching it was quite an experience. All I knew going into it was that it was a new show starring Eddie Izzard about a family who pretends to be rich and ends up living in a swanky neighborhood. Honestly, I was expecting a sit-com, and though the show definitely has its funny moments (and a cross-dressing younger son), it's a pretty intense drama.
Latest comment: 21 March 07, 6:30 AM

DirecTV HD DVR - Good, but it's no TiVo
by elfie at 08 March, 2007 - 1:15 AM
This is pretty much a shot in the dark, but does anyone else here have DirecTV and possibly also have their HD DVR service? My box is the HR20 and I've been grabbing the beta software for it that lets me get Off-the-Air channels (as well as other fun features). Just wondering if anyone else here had a similar setup so we could swap stories/advice/tricks/whatever.
Latest comment: 08 March 07, 1:15 AM

Survivalism Video
by elfie at 08 March, 2007 - 1:09 AM
Latest comment: 15 March 07, 12:19 AM

Mother Pussbucket
by elfie at 26 February, 2007 - 2:05 PM
I have somehow managed to get some kind of malware installed on my machine which was missed both by NOD32 and by Windows Defender.

When IE popup windows appear while I'm using Firefox, something hokey is going on. Fortunately, the links that whatever this is has tried to download that contain viruses are successfully being blocked by NOD32, but I still can't get rid of the culprit itself.

I'm looking for recommendations of other free malware scan/removal tools to try. Meanwhile, I've disconnected the machine from the network until I can do something about this.
Latest comment: 27 February 07, 2:24 PM

Network Prioritization
by elfie at 18 February, 2007 - 12:20 AM
Anyone have (or know of) a utility that will allow one to say "if multiple programs are fighting for network bandwidth on this computer, program A always win" or "...program B always loses?"
Latest comment: 21 February 07, 2:15 PM

Full Site State Archiving?
by elfie at 13 February, 2007 - 10:57 AM
Anyone know a good utility for downloading an entire website? Something that will just start at the home page and follow/download every linked page/file/whatever that isn't on an external site?

NIN is doing some rather interesting marketing for the new album and I want to grab a local copy of everything while it's up.
Latest comment: 14 February 07, 4:00 AM

eBay says: No More Virtual Goods on Our Virtual Auctions
by elfie at 26 January, 2007 - 8:55 AM
found via /.

This is pretty big news in my opinion. I have never personally bought or sold virtual goods, but I know that lots of people do and make a fair living at it. There are people who love this concept and people who hate it. I'm part of the "if you don't like it, don't participate" crowd... and I've never participated.

But it does make me wish I had gotten around to selling off all of my Kingdom of Loathing assets like I always said I was going to.
Latest comment: 26 January 07, 11:14 AM

by elfie at 25 January, 2007 - 12:52 AM
So after years of trying, Ben has finally got me switched over to Winamp. Presently, I have two complaints, which lead to two questions:

1) Does anyone know of a tool or plugin that will import my star ratings from Windows Media Player into Winamp?

2) Does anyone know of a plugin or skin that will add immediate access to view/set star ratings to the minimal view of the main window? I know that I can simply right-click the song to view and set the rating, but I want them to be visibly part of the window so I can see them all the time and so I can set them with a single click. Partially resolved using Titles: $repeat(*,%rating%)

Also, Ben, this is your reminder to send me that utility you've got to mass-convert from WMA to MP3 :)
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by elfie at 03 January, 2007 - 4:11 AM

I credit Lilou for posting this elsewhere. I've probably watched it a dozen times. Can't get enough.
Latest comment: 05 January 07, 1:13 AM

Silver Surfer
by elfie at 03 January, 2007 - 4:08 AM

Damnit. Now I actually have to see Fantastic Four so I have a frame of reference for this one.
Latest comment: 05 January 07, 9:18 AM

by elfie at 20 December, 2006 - 12:10 AM
Okay, I love this song, just for the record.

Gay Bar, by Electric Six. The above video is recorded from MTV2, you know, the one that actually played videos for a while before they turned into a duplicate of MTV, which also used to play videos before they turned into the game show network?

Anyway........ point being, we seem to have reached a point in our society where we are now censoring the word "war" on television. If you want to jump right to it, go to the 35 second mark on that video. The line is supposed to be "Let's start a war. Start a nuclear war." In this video, as aired on MTV2, the line is "Let's start a CLAP. Start a CLAPPITY CLAP."

What. The. Fuck?

At least we don't seem to have a problem with a dozen Abe Lincolns in thongs having a gay orgy.
Latest comment: 22 December 06, 8:30 PM

The Evils of Harry Potter
by elfie at 13 December, 2006 - 3:10 AM
banning Harry Potter from schools because it teaches children to be Pagan

I know that's only the one million and first article of its kind. You've probably seen hundreds of them. I think I've become so desensitized to insanity like this that it doesn't faze me anymore. But for some reason this just struck me today. Maybe it's because I haven't had my coffee yet. But what the fuck is wrong with people?

Why are so many Americans so TERRIFIED of anyone who thinks differently than them, or even worse that their children might be influenced by these ideas and grow up to become actual human beings?

I overheard a conversation in an EBStop the other day. Two parents were discussing the new gaming system options with the clerk:

Clerk: .... something something about the Wii and innovative gameplay ....
Mom: "I heard the 'why' is made by Japanese people. That's why it's so strange. We don't need that in our house. We'll get the 'P3.'"
Clerk: "Um, the PS3 is made by Japanese people too."
Mom: (looking at Dad) "Oh. Really? Well." (trails off... speaking caveman speak of some sort)
Dad: (mildly retarded and does not say anything)
Me: (head explodes)

In other news, second gun-related incident in the same school in 3 months.
Latest comment: 14 December 06, 5:33 AM

We Got Wii!
by elfie at 08 December, 2006 - 6:44 AM
Latest comment: 12 December 06, 8:47 AM

Best. Email. Ever.
by elfie at 22 November, 2006 - 1:02 AM
Kevin, Jamie,

Just curious, but can you tell me which development methodology you guys follow?

-[Name Removed]

I want to write back and be like, "We use number 12."
Latest comment: 22 November 06, 2:30 AM

Working From Home
by elfie at 21 November, 2006 - 1:03 AM
I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to NOT having a commute twice a day.
Latest comment: 01 December 06, 7:36 AM

Vote Early, Vote Often!
by elfie at 15 November, 2006 - 9:41 AM
I'm sure many of you remember the fine piece of cinema in which Ben, Pie, and I recently made our big screen debut. And don't forget about Stu's car, which met its demise in the film!

Well, the writer and director of that film is in a competition presented by the Sundance Channel and the Sci-Fi Channel with his short film, titled "The Sitter" (which actually stars much of the cast of Ghostwatcher II). You can view the film here:

You can cast one vote per day for the rest of the week. Please cast your vote for The Sitter!
Latest comment: 17 November 06, 4:29 AM

Damnit Ben
by elfie at 06 November, 2006 - 12:27 PM
Why are you not on the intarwebs when I want to talk shop?
Latest comment: 07 November 06, 5:44 AM

IE/FF Bookmark Sync?
by elfie at 29 October, 2006 - 10:29 PM
Does anyone have a plugin or other utility that keeps Firefox Bookmarks and Internet Explorer Favorites in sync? In fact, I don't even really NEED it to sync. If it assumed that Bookmarks were "correct" and copied those over my Favorites periodically, that'd work too.

The only thing I can find is this, but the reviews are all negative and it's not 2.0 compatible.

Hell, if there was just a way to put my FF Bookmarks in the Windows Start menu like Favorites, that'd work too.
Latest comment: 30 October 06, 4:15 AM

by elfie at 24 October, 2006 - 4:20 AM
Cookie has a growth pressing against her urethra. She is unable to urinate. It is most likely cancer and possibly too far along to do much about. They are going to attempt to aspirate the growth today to see if they can determine what it is. No guarantee that they will be able to tell anything from that or even if they will be able to aspirate without causing internal bleeding.

She bit the doctor while they were trying to put the catheter in. Good for her. I would have too.

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Slo-Mo Home Depot
by elfie at 17 October, 2006 - 9:32 AM
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by elfie at 09 October, 2006 - 1:28 AM

Awesome new show. I can't recommend it enough. Playing on no less than three Channels: NBC (Mondays), Sci-Fi (Fridays), and USA (Mondays, a week behind).

Sadly, you've missed your chance on the first episode unless you can find a torrent somewhere, but that doesn't mean you can't catch up. Watch episode 2 tonight on USA, then episode 3 on Sci-Fi on Friday, then you'll be all up-to-date for next Monday's first-showing of episode 4.

Why is it so awesome? I don't know. It's fun. It's interesting. It's as realistic as a story about people with super powers can be. Ben and I just finished Watchmen, and Heroes reminds me of the flaws that those characters had. I mean, not the same flaws, but the idea that these are by all means NOT perfect beings.
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Ten Wii Videos
by elfie at 04 October, 2006 - 4:03 AM

Not all of them are great. You can definitely skip number 8, but there's some awesome stuff in most of the other ones. I think number 1 ones my favorite. At the very least, check that one out.
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A9 Instant Reward is Gone
by elfie at 02 October, 2006 - 2:55 AM
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If only I hadn't stopped for coffee
by elfie at 29 September, 2006 - 9:07 AM
I left work over an hour ago. I'm still at work. Fuckers.
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More or Less?
by elfie at 16 September, 2006 - 4:43 AM
So here's a question for the hardware experts... which is the better configuration:

1GB (512x2) RAM operating in dual-channel dynamic-paging
1.75GB (512x3+256) RAM operating in single-channel
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This is very sad
by elfie at 03 September, 2006 - 5:42 PM
I guess you can only be a crazy motherfucker for so long...

Steve Irwin Dead at 44 :'(

Irwin was killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest, according to Cairns police sources. Irwin was filming an underwater documentary at the time.

I always enjoyed watching Steve in action. He's survived by his wife, Terri, and their two children, Bindi (8) and Bob (3). He was known for putting much of his money toward wildlife preservation.
Latest comment: 04 September 06, 3:41 AM

Software/Hardware Partnership Percentages
by elfie at 29 August, 2006 - 2:37 AM
I'm sure some of you know that I was (am) involved in a bit of a business where I wrote some awesome software but because I was under the employ of the sellers of said software at the time, I was lucky to receive even a fraction of a percentage of ownership.

So... here's the new situation. I am starting a new business partnership (not with the same company) where I am 100% writing and maintaining updates to the software and someone else (a company of about 3 people) is going to sell the software, buy and sell the hardware that it runs on, and provide support and other services to the customers (some customers will provide their own hardware).

This is not a work-for-hire. I will receive a percentage of every sale of the software. The question is... what is a fair percentage? Neither of us has experience in this sort of partnership and neither of us wants to shortchange the other (or ourselves).
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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot
by elfie at 25 August, 2006 - 9:28 AM
In Javascript, how do I get the current width of the page in a way that will work in both IE and FF? document.width works in FF, but not in IE.

For bonus points, how do I get the width of a div while it's hidden? obj.offsetWidth only works when the div is visible. Note that I have set a specific width for the div in the stylesheet.
Latest comment: 30 August 06, 9:20 AM

Time Travel Gag
by elfie at 15 August, 2006 - 5:38 AM
Someone should totally do this and film the reactions.

You get some vaguely/slightly futuristic-looking clothes. Make it plausible, somewhat based on current trends, you're probably aiming for maybe ten years in the future. You can most likely make do with an interesting combination of whatever clothes you currently own. For emphasis, make a fake tour T-shirt for a band that doesn't exist and mark it "Wold Tour 2008" or something. The point is to make it look plausible that you might come from the future.

Then just run out into the street, select somebody at random and shout at them, "What's the date today?! Quickly, tell me!"

When they respond, you shout, "What YEAR, man, what YEAR is this?!"

And when they respond again you go, "Noooo! They've sent me back too far!" or "I'm too late! It's all going to happen again!"

Then you run away again.
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Help Wanted
by elfie at 07 August, 2006 - 11:25 PM
I have two projects at the moment that I need a little assistance with.
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by elfie at 02 August, 2006 - 10:24 AM
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Random Gifting
by elfie at 29 July, 2006 - 11:49 AM
My baby got me SUPERMAN!

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by elfie at 26 July, 2006 - 6:18 AM
The cows are coming to get you! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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Congratulations PvP!
by elfie at 23 July, 2006 - 10:28 PM
This year at the Will Eisner Awards at the San Diego Comic-Con, PvP won the award for Digital Comics, and deservedly so. Scott Kurtz, author of PvP posted about it on the PvP website. I copy a portion of this for you here, because it's awesome, with Wikipedia links added for your convenience.

(Many of you will not care about this, but Ben will, so nyeh)
Latest comment: 24 July 06, 1:40 AM

Zelda Commercial for the Super Famicom
by elfie at 07 July, 2006 - 7:44 AM
I vote this for Linkination.
Latest comment: 09 July 06, 4:59 AM

42 Games
by elfie at 30 June, 2006 - 2:47 PM
Weird and Hard.

This game is actually a set of 42 different mini-games that you must complete... in random order... with no instructions...

I think my record is 10.
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by elfie at 28 June, 2006 - 12:55 AM
Superman Returns was perfect.

It was fun. It was an adventure. It had its awesome action scenes. It had its funny campy scenes. It had tributes to those that came before. It had its imperfections.

Superman Returns was perfect.
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Sunday Bloody Sunday covered by George W Bush
by elfie at 25 June, 2006 - 1:27 AM
Latest comment: 25 June 06, 6:47 AM

Rich and Jay, this is for you
by elfie at 06 June, 2006 - 2:44 AM
A couple of people here yelled at me for not telling them about the deal I got when I bought my sexy remote. Well it's not as good a deal as I got it for, but right now Dell has the Logitech Harmony 880 for $109 after a $20 mail-in rebate. Coupon codes and rebate info are on

For those with an unhealthy aversion to Dell, you can get it for a little over $50 more.

I've been using this thing for several months now and after getting everything programmed just how I want it, I absolutely love it. Highly recommended for anyone currently dealing with more than two remotes.
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Diet Coke and Mentos
by elfie at 04 June, 2006 - 1:54 PM
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Speaking of Superman
by elfie at 11 May, 2006 - 12:20 AM

I think Kevin Spacey does a really good Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor. He's going to be awesome.

Of interest to me is the fact that this will be opening at IMAX a week before this year's Virginia Beach trip. The IMAX in Baltimore tends to not show Hollywood movies, but last year we saw Batman Begins at the IMAX in Norfolk while we were down there and it was wicked cool. This year's vacation will definitely include another trip to the super big screen.

Just have to remember to sit a little further back this time.
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Superman Trades
by elfie at 08 May, 2006 - 10:10 PM
A slightly more daunting task than my previous ones, I bring you a chronological list of all Superman trade paperbacks. w00t.
Latest comment: 09 May 06, 12:17 AM

Lucas is releasing the Original Original Star Wars Trilogy on DVD
by elfie at 04 May, 2006 - 12:46 AM
Latest comment: 07 May 06, 1:57 PM

Nintendo Revolution == Wii == Gaay
by elfie at 27 April, 2006 - 4:54 AM
Latest comment: 29 April 06, 2:46 PM

Quickie Review of Guild Wars
by elfie at 23 April, 2006 - 11:15 PM
So per muhgcee's request, here's my first impressions review of Guild Wars at way-too-sleepy-in-the-morning o'clock. Right now, I have three characters that I'm relatively happy with: a Ranger/Monk, an Elementalist/Mesmer, and a Warrior/Necromancer. The last of those is the only one still in the pre-game, whereas the first two have a couple (like 2 or 3) hours each in the "real game."
Latest comment: 07 May 06, 2:06 PM

What's Sexy in Video Cards Today?
by elfie at 20 April, 2006 - 12:36 AM
So after a couple of nights (and mornings) of Guild Wars, we have concluded that Pie is in the market for a new video card, because the game looks way prettier on my machine than on hers. She only has AGP available and doesn't currently use multiple monitors, but we'd like to keep that option open. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking a RAM upgrade might be needed too, as she's currently only got 768MB.
Latest comment: 24 April 06, 5:09 AM

John Constantine, Hellblazer - Continuity
by elfie at 19 April, 2006 - 5:29 AM
So my Infinite Crises site actually became pretty popular on a bunch of comics-related message boards (only 1/4 of which were discussions I personally initiated! ;-)), which got me thinking I should maybe continue the theme.

This time I chose John Constantine as my subject, so here's a chronological list of trades featuring John Constantine, Hellblazer. I think a few people here might care a little more about this one than the Infinite Crisis one since there was a movie about it and all :p Plus Ben reads Lucifer and Constantine was in an issue of Lcuifer once... and stuff ;)
Latest comment: 27 April 06, 4:42 AM

Wireless - Only When Needed?
by elfie at 18 April, 2006 - 11:18 PM
So, I just feel like this button MUST exist somewhere, though I can't seem to find it. Is there an easy way to tell Windows to only use the wireless connection if a wired connection is unavailable? Or am I pretty much stuck disabling/enabling the wireless manually in order to keep it from (seemingly randomly) switching over to using the wireless even though the wired connection is up and running?
Latest comment: 20 April 06, 12:19 AM

by elfie at 16 April, 2006 - 11:04 PM
So Pie and I had fun for a while playing Urban Dead until all of our characters leveled up as high as they could go. And over the last couple days, we've both been playing a lot of Adventure Quest. This, compounded with our enjoyment for watching each other play Dragon Quest VIII, has led me to the theory that we might actually enjoy playing an MMORPG of some sort together.
Latest comment: 18 April 06, 4:08 PM

Wireless USB
by elfie at 10 April, 2006 - 9:04 AM
Does such a thing exist? I don't mean wireless networking via USB. I mean a USB hub (again, not networking) that is not physically attached to the computer, but is instead connected via some sort of radio transmitter or bluetooth or something and plugs into the wall for power. Something where you could plug a USB device into a computer that is on the other side of the room. Am I making any sense? Does this exist?
Latest comment: 11 April 06, 2:57 AM

Snoochie Boochies!
by elfie at 07 April, 2006 - 5:45 AM
Latest comment: 10 April 06, 2:07 AM

The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
by elfie at 04 April, 2006 - 5:20 AM
I was holding off on posting this, because I got the book for Pie and her dad for her birthday and his anniversary, but now that both events have passed, I can post the glorious news. The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is now in print and available for purchase at fine book stores everywhere. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but what I have read has been fantastic.
Latest comment: 05 April 06, 2:01 AM

Region-Free PS3
by elfie at 23 March, 2006 - 3:09 AM
Good news for game importers. Sony has announced that the PlayStation 3 will be region-free for games (not for movies).
Latest comment: 23 March 06, 5:28 AM

Our New Laptop
by elfie at 21 March, 2006 - 10:46 PM
Dell E1505 Dual Core T2500 2GHz
2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM

15.4 in wide screen
8X CD/DVD+-RW w/ dual-layer DVD+R
Integrated 10/100 Lan + Modem
Internal Wirless a/g and Bluetooth
85 WHr 9-cell LIon Battery
Windows Media Center 2005 w/remote

-750.00off $1999 coupon
-25.00Dell Preferred Account coupon
-35.00eBay coupon
+0.00free shipping

thank you slickdeals

my only complaint is that the integrated LAN isn't gigabit, but there was no upgrade option for it
Latest comment: 22 March 06, 6:04 AM

Infinite Crisis on Infinite Earths
by elfie at 16 March, 2006 - 1:20 PM
So I'm fairly certain that almost nobody here cares about comic book continuity or any such things other than me, but I figured I'd post this here anyway just to leech off of Ben's Google Ranking.

But if I'm wrong and you actually do care, I'd love your input. For those that don't know, Crisis on Infinite Earths was DC Comics' 1985 attempt to "fix" their continuity by merging all of their multiple universes into one. Last year they began the sequel to that story, Infinite Crisis. What I'm attempting to do is put together a list of all of the trades that tie these two stories together (It's not gay dad, it's trade!). So without further ado, here's Taste that DHTML. oh yeah.
Latest comment: 16 March 06, 10:57 PM

How long has THAT been broken?
by elfie at 12 March, 2006 - 2:47 AM
Benx0r, or someone else with the appropriate access, should fix the UnCyclopedia link in the Link-O-Matic.

That is all.
Latest comment: 16 March 06, 6:28 AM

WTF, Mate?
by elfie at 07 March, 2006 - 10:24 AM
Um, so I'm trying to use the Windows Components Add/Remove to install IIS as I have countless times in the past with other windows installations... Why am I now getting this?

As you can see, the file definitely exists in the folder it is looking for it in. If I try popping in the original install CD (not SP), it still says it can't copy the file. If I cancel this one file, the next one fails and so forth.

WTF, mate?
Latest comment: 23 March 06, 9:47 PM

.NET Decompiler
by elfie at 26 February, 2006 - 12:27 AM
Anyone got one? Preferably FREE?
Latest comment: 07 March 06, 7:29 AM

Time for Shopping
by elfie at 09 February, 2006 - 1:58 AM
So a few of you have been to our new house, so you know we've got this freakin huge sexy TV in the living room and all our computers in our swank new office.

Now, I'm working from home today, so I'm in the office, but I'm wishing that I could be in the living room watching TV or something while I work, cause what's the fun in working from home if you can't catch up on your stories, eh?

Now the sexy new TV has a monitor input. It's HD so I could actually get a computer resolution up to 1920X1084. My father, who has the same TV, has tested this and says it's awesome. But if I'm going to plug a computer into a 61" monitor, I want that computer to play my Doom 3, Area 51, and such. But I don't want to take my best PC out of the office, because the office will still be my primary computing location.

All of this, combined with some other info that I can't quite share yet, has brought me to the conclusion that I need a good gaming laptop. I could keep it plugged into the TV right next to the PS2 and the TiVo, get a wireless keyboard and mouse to keep on the coffee table, and if I ever wanted to computer from bed or on vacation, I could just yank it and go.

So there you have it, I need a gaming laptop, and I need suggestions. Let me pre-empt this with the fact that I have NEVER owned a Windows laptop, so I really don't know what to look for. Right now my only odd requirement is that I be able to turn it on and off with the lid closed (a docking station could cover this need). What have you got for me?
Latest comment: 21 February 06, 7:33 AM

Holy Mother of Fuck
by elfie at 14 January, 2006 - 1:41 AM
Funky Cat Maybe

WTF, Mate?
Latest comment: 14 January 06, 4:01 AM

DJ Vader
by elfie at 13 January, 2006 - 6:38 AM
Latest comment: 13 January 06, 6:38 AM

For all you DJs, aspiring or otherwise
by elfie at 03 January, 2006 - 11:24 PM
I'm looking for a piece of hardware in the simplest form that I can find it. What I need to do is take two RCA stereo lines (so 4 lines total) and merge the adio of the two sources together. The output of this would be two stereo signals, each containing the same merged audio.

What I think I need is a cheap two-input stereo mixer and a couple RCA splitters. I don't need a lot of fancy buttons, because I will probably plug all this in and just leave it hooked up as-is for the forseeable future.

Any recommendations on the specific hardware I'll need to make this happen? Cheaper is better, but I don't want to risk any loss of sound quality.
Latest comment: 05 January 06, 9:17 AM

by elfie at 12 December, 2005 - 1:53 AM
Guess who can now access this site from work? :)
Latest comment: 14 December 05, 8:04 AM

What the FUCK?
by elfie at 13 November, 2005 - 1:39 AM
Fox cancels Arrested Development.

Arrested Development is without a doubt the absolute best thing on television right now. It is brilliantly intelligent and hysterically funny. This show is perfect. What the fuck is wrong with you people who STILL aren't watching it no matter how many times we tell you how amazing it is? YOU'RE the reason it's getting canceled. Grrrrr. Okay, okay, I know it's not your fault specifically, but goddamnit this sucks. I can't ever remember enjoying any show as much as I enjoy this one.

People on the Arrested Development forums are already yelling Boycott Fox. Hell, I love Malcolm in the Middle, but I'd give it up in a heartbeat if I actually thought it would ensure Arrested Development's future. This just seems like one of the stupidest moves Fox has pulled, and they've pulled some doozies. You can't recover from this one like you did Family Guy, Fox. If you miss a couple seasons before you realize what a huge fucking mistake you've made, the child actors will get older. This isn't like the WB where you can pass off someone who is 27 as someone who is 14. We know the difference. GAH.

This is fucking depressing.

To be honest, I can think of a couple very good reasons that it hasn't done as well as it should have.
  1. I have never seen an advertisement for Arrested Development either in print or on television. Word of mouth only gets you so far.
  2. It is incredibly self-referential, so if you haven't been watching it from the beginning, you'll miss a lot of the jokes. But anyone I've watched it with who was coming to it in the middle still loved it.
  3. And this is the biggest one. It's intelligent. Most of America isn't, so nobody gets it. "Huh? I thought this was that new reality show where they redecorate prison cells."
So not that it'd do any good at this point, but I've got Season One on DVD. If we invite you over to watch a couple episodes (and we feed you), would you promise that if you like the show, you'll finally program it into your damn TiVo? It takes 15 fucking seconds. How hard is that? Really?
Latest comment: 03 May 06, 4:17 AM

Nine Inch Nails will not be performing at the MTV Movie Awards
by elfie at 27 May, 2005 - 2:43 AM

Nine Inch Nails will not be performing at the MTV Movie Awards as previously announced. We were set to perform "The Hand That Feeds" with an unmolested straightforward image of George W Bush as the backdrop. Apparently the image of our president is as offensive to MTV as it is to me. See you on tour this fall when we return to play in America.

Trent Reznor
5 26 2005

I love that man. He gives good birthday present.
Latest comment: 28 May 05, 5:47 AM

A Movie Review
by elfie at 11 May, 2005 - 6:12 PM
Latest comment: 14 May 05, 7:00 AM

Bulk Shirt Printing
by elfie at 10 May, 2005 - 5:24 AM
Hey Dan, any idea what company Artifact used to print all those lovely t-shirts? I'm looking to get a couple hundred shirts printed with a full-size color graphic on the front and a medium-ish size black & white logo on the back. I'd probably want the shirts themselves to be available in black or white.

Anyone else know of a good place to order such things? Right now I'm looking at Bender Graphics.
Latest comment: 12 May 05, 8:05 AM

The Ultimate Casual Friday
by elfie at 03 May, 2005 - 5:01 AM
Latest comment: 05 May 05, 2:54 AM

NIN - With Teeth (whole album) - Streaming 24/7
by elfie at 26 April, 2005 - 12:41 PM - no registration needed to listen
Latest comment: 27 April 05, 9:12 AM

The Hand That Feeds Sin City
by elfie at 13 April, 2005 - 3:25 AM
By request, here is a fan-made video montage of Sin City put to the new Nine Inch Nails single, The Hand That Feeds.
Latest comment: 13 April 05, 4:57 PM

Alien Apocalypse!
by elfie at 29 March, 2005 - 3:45 AM
Tonight at 7pm at our place via TiVo will be a presentation of the new smash hit from Sci-Fi Channel Movies, Alien Apocalypse, starring none other than Bruce Campbell! You are hereby invited and expected!

"Think Spartacus with aliens." -BC
Latest comment: 30 March 05, 10:11 AM

Improve your Playstation 2 experience
by elfie at 28 March, 2005 - 4:05 AM
File under "what will the Japanese think of next?"
Few ever played the game Rez in the US. It was just a weird psychadelic shooter. Nothing of merit. But what we didn't know was that we were getting a greatly scaled-down version of a lovely new innovation in Japanese video-gaming technology: the Trance Vibrator.

"Oh my GOD! This game rocks! Here, you play." I handed him the controller but you'd better believe I kept that vibrator right there in my lap.
Latest comment: 31 March 05, 4:53 PM

Look, muhgcee, it's your car!
by elfie at 22 March, 2005 - 1:03 PM
can't show these pix
Latest comment: 23 March 05, 5:40 AM

"Will you stay down on your knees?"
by elfie at 18 March, 2005 - 1:54 AM
Latest comment: 18 March 05, 1:54 AM

GhostWatcher (I) Screening This Week
by elfie at 14 March, 2005 - 2:18 AM
If anyone wants to see the first GhostWatcher movie, we'll be gathering some people to watch it this Wednesday at my place at 7pm. Movie starts at 7:30.
Latest comment: 16 March 05, 1:04 PM

Norton Hacks
by elfie at 09 March, 2005 - 4:22 PM
Okay, I've done some google searching, but I can't find the answer. Anyone know what registry entry (or what) that I need to edit/delete in order to get Norton Internet Security 2004 to "forget" the date I originally installed it? I want to restart my update subscription.

I suppose since it's been a year since I installed it, it's really time for a full system wipe anyway, but I just feel like doing something other than sit on my computer this weekend. :p
Latest comment: 15 March 05, 4:39 PM

Totally Random
by elfie at 28 February, 2005 - 3:13 AM
I was clicking old Link-O-Matic links while stalling on the way out the door this morning and I clicked the "anybody read Japanese" link. There I discovered that part of the beautiful work of art that is that flash animation is the phrase KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! I am now ready to start my day.
Latest comment: 28 February 05, 6:05 AM

Nine Inch Nails Presale
by elfie at 27 February, 2005 - 5:03 AM
NIN tickets are going on pre-sale this Tuesday at 4pm for the following locations in the Eastern time zone:

5/9: Toronto, ONT (Koolhaus)
5/10: Toronto, ONT (Koolhaus)
5/12: Boston, MA (Orpheum Theatre)
5/13: Boston, MA (Orpheum Theatre)
5/15: NY, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
5/16: NY, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
5/18: Philly, PA (Electric Factory)
5/19: Philly, PA (Electric Factory)
5/21: Atlanta, GA (Tabernacle)
5/22: Atlanta, GA (Tabernacle)

I have no idea if this is the entire tour or if this is just what's been announced so far, but I'm voting for the Philly show on May 19th. Ben? Stu? Anyone?
Latest comment: 27 February 05, 7:53 PM

Constantine Sunday?
by elfie at 19 February, 2005 - 2:14 PM
For anyone who would care to join us, Pie and I have tickets for the 4:50 showing of Constantine at Muvico (Arundel Mills) for tomorrow (Sunday). If you would like to join us, please let us know. We'll meet for food and drinks at Chili's at 3:30 if anyone would like to partake in that. Then we'll mosey over to the theater entrance at around 4:30 to meet up with stragglers and get good seats.
Latest comment: 05 September 05, 8:36 AM

NIN: With Teeth - track list
by elfie at 14 February, 2005 - 4:00 AM
First we get caps-lock, then we get two songs on one album with "love" in the title? I also hear that Dave Grohl did some work on the album. What Twilight Zone episode have I walked into?
Latest comment: 14 February 05, 7:31 AM

Banned in the USA
by elfie at 09 February, 2005 - 1:41 AM
So Ben, AnarchyX, and I are now blocked from the site at work. Guess this isn't seen as something productive and work-related. Bugger.

What now?
Latest comment: 10 February 05, 6:29 PM

Colin and Brad
by elfie at 07 February, 2005 - 2:48 AM
This Saturday night, Pie and I went to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood from "Who's Line is it Anyway?" at the Warner in DC. They were absolutely fucking brilliant. They played several of the usual Who's Line games as well as some new ones that just wouldn't work in a 30-minute time slot, but the real kicker was the finale.

They played the alphabet game, the one where each sentence has to start with the next letter of the alphabet, but with a little twist. They did it blindfolded and barefoot... with 100 live mouse traps on the stage (well, 97, because 3 snapped while laying them down). By about halfway through the game, they were just desperately crawling around on their hands and knees trying to carefully pick up the traps without setting them off and blindly swinging them around in an attempt to hit each other with them. I thought I was going to pee myself. Fucking hilarious.

If anyone is interested, it looks like they'll be in Baltimore in April. You should seriously go see this.
Latest comment: 07 February 05, 10:52 AM

by elfie at 03 February, 2005 - 7:51 AM

This is cool, though I found the selection somewhat limited. On my first try, I got a 14-step link between Nirvana and New Order.
Latest comment: 03 February 05, 11:03 AM

Chain-Wrapped Strap-Ons
by elfie at 02 February, 2005 - 10:32 AM
Pie and I bought a couple T Shirt Hell shirts today and as part of the order form, they have a question that reads something like "How did you hear about us? (be specific, we might give you a free shirt)." This is what I wrote in that section of the form:
Latest comment: 02 February 05, 1:31 PM

Scary Things You Read on /.
by elfie at 31 January, 2005 - 10:54 AM
"Three in four students said flag burning is illegal. It's not. About half the students said the government can restrict any indecent material on the Internet. It can't."
Latest comment: 04 February 05, 5:00 PM

Coachella 2005: Holy Fucking Shitballs
by elfie at 31 January, 2005 - 9:51 AM
Coachella Valley Music Festival
Indio, California
April 30 - May 1, 2005
$152.00 for a 2-day pass

Performances Include:

Nine Inch Nails
The Faint
New Order
Chemical Brothers
Miss Kitten
Roni Size
DJ Krush
Roots Manuva
... and a lot more

I say again: Holy Fucking Shitballs
Latest comment: 04 May 05, 2:04 AM

I will not yell "She's Dead" during roll call
by elfie at 31 January, 2005 - 6:00 AM
Latest comment: 02 February 05, 9:35 AM

Video Game Endings and Sequel Imports
by elfie at 27 January, 2005 - 3:55 AM
So I've beaten Shadow Hearts (1) and I'm going to beat Final Fantasy X-2 with the "regular" endings, and while the games were enjoyable, I didn't think either of them merited playing through a second (or fifth or whatever) time in order to get the "good" or "best" ending. I put in my 40-80 hours and my $30-$50; I think I deserve to see the good endings, don't you? So... anyone know where I can download videos of them? Bittorrent links are fine, but I don't have (or want) any other P2P file sharing stuff.
Latest comment: 27 January 05, 3:55 AM

by elfie at 12 January, 2005 - 9:38 AM
Pie just tipped me off to this... check out a quick office google search found this: Infinity Flips WHFS to Spanish
Latest comment: 06 April 12, 4:19 PM

TiVoToGo? Not so much...
by elfie at 10 January, 2005 - 5:07 AM
I had been looking forward to January for about a month now, because January was when Ben would take my old Series 1 TiVo off my hands, giving me justification to purchase a second Series 2 TiVo. The goal of this venture was to take advantage of TiVo's much advertised Multi-Room Viewing combined with their recommended wireless networking add-on. From their website:

Watch what you want, where you want!

Get more viewing choices from any room. With multi-room viewing, you decide not only what and when to watch, but also where to watch!

Kids watching the downstairs TV? No problem - just transfer your favorite recordings to the upstairs TV!


Not so. I call shenanighans.
Latest comment: 10 January 05, 4:07 PM

Bill Gates thinks you're a Commie
by elfie at 06 January, 2005 - 5:10 AM
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by elfie at 04 January, 2005 - 7:42 AM
I don't have all my albums handy, so I won't say that Nine Inch Nails has never used upper-case letters, but I'm probably not the only one here who thought that Trent Reznor's standard practice was all lower-case except for logos.

That being said, WTF, MATE?

It looks as though this change has coincided with the completion of the new album. What does that say about the new album? What does it say about the future music of Nine Inch Nails? I have no idea. I'm probably just reading too much into it. Maybe it was New Year's Eve when he made the latest site updates, and he was too drunk to realize he had bumped the caps-lock key.

I guess we'll see.
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Anyone have a 64MB PCI video card I can borrow?
by elfie at 02 January, 2005 - 6:56 PM
I bought Pie's dad the new Pirates! for Christmas, and the damn thing won't run on his Dell Dimension 2400. First problem was that someone sold this man a 2.4 Ghz machine with only 128 megs of ram, half of which was used by the onboard video... so yeah, I got him another half a gig so the thing at least boots in under 5 minutes now.
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RPG: The Instruction Manual: Special Extended Director's Edition
by elfie at 28 December, 2004 - 4:38 AM
[cross-posted to livejournal]

Pie got me Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for Christmas because she's awesome, and I absolutely love it. It picks up exactly where Kingdom Hearts left off, it's got a very innovative gameplay style, and it's quite enjoyable to play. Now I don't claim to be Kingdom Hearts Grand Master, but I read the instruction manual and have probably played the game for a good six to eight hours, so I kind of figured I at least had the basics of gameplay down. Boy was I wrong.

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Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
by elfie at 16 December, 2004 - 10:23 AM
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by elfie at 07 December, 2004 - 2:15 AM
So this is the second article in a week on slashdot that has referenced the Christian Science Monitor as its primary source. For some reason, this worries me, though it does seem to be a relatively rare occurrence.
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Multiplayer Gaming Warehouse Coming to Baltimore
by elfie at 23 November, 2004 - 5:30 PM
Anyone notice this on /.?
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Say "Hello" to Tammy
by elfie at 12 November, 2004 - 4:34 AM
This is being passed around our office this morning.
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Waste Not, Want Not
by elfie at 08 November, 2004 - 6:47 AM
Since most individuals here (including our resident 13-year-olds) have more brains than many of the people on my "other forum" do collectively, I thought I'd bring up a topic here that was brought up there.

Why is a third-party vote not a wasted vote?
Latest comment: 08 November 04, 1:42 PM

Everything Must Go!
by elfie at 05 November, 2004 - 6:25 AM
Upon reorganizing and redecorating our apartment, Pie and I have found several things that we have no room or no need for. Most of this stuff is in very good condition and we hate to see it go, but oooooh it MUST! You know you need furniture!!! You know you want it all!!!!
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"Kerry Won"
by elfie at 05 November, 2004 - 3:27 AM
At least according to this guy.
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Brain in a Dish, Plays Flight Simulator
by elfie at 23 October, 2004 - 4:55 PM
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Anyone else watch Smallville?
by elfie at 22 October, 2004 - 5:35 AM
I know Ben does, because he calls me every time he has a question about the show, but does anyone else here watch Smallville?
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Amazon Pi Whore
by elfie at 19 October, 2004 - 4:54 AM
I made an interesting discovery the other day that you might all already know about and simply haven't told me.

First, go to and search for something... anything.
Then go to and make sure you're signed in.

See that π/2% thing up at the top? That gives you an extra 1.57% off of all your purchases. Neat, eh?
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Why Does Windows Media Player 10 Suck So Bad?
by elfie at 15 October, 2004 - 5:59 AM
If I'm the only one here who uses WMP instead of one of those juicy non-microsoft music/video players, then I guess this is the wrong place to ask this question, but I guess I'll give it a go anyway.
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by elfie at 09 October, 2004 - 5:35 AM
Okay, I don't know a lot about television formats other than the fact that my American NTSC television and PS2 will not play a European PAL DVD. My question is: Is there any way around this?

Is there some sort of "converter" box that I can put between the PS2 and the tv? Or is the problem in the PS2 itself? Would the only solution be to purchase a European DVD player? If I did that, would my TV know how to interpret the signal?
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Paul is Dead (Presidential Debates Backwards)
by elfie at 06 October, 2004 - 4:09 AM
This guy is a little off his nut, but amusing none the less. He has analyzed the presidential debate and found some interesting hidden messages when playing some phrases backwards.
Latest comment: 11 October 04, 5:16 AM

The Faint - Wet From Birth
by elfie at 04 October, 2004 - 8:24 AM
So doing that goth thing I do, I'm used to hearing one song from The Faint, Glass Danse World, played over... and over... and over. It's good though. I can't complain. And it's usually followed up by Emerge, which I love. But when my favorite resident DJ personally recommend their new album so strongly, I thought I'd give it a shot.

Holy fuck, this album is great. If I had to categorize it, I'd probably call it Experimental Electronic, but I can't say I've heard much like it before. I can't find a single track on the album that I don't enjoy. I've been listening to it on repeat for the last 4 hours or so. Oh yeah, and Ben likes it, so I figure it's the kind of stuff that other folks around here might be fond of.
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Picnic Plan at Patapsco Park
by elfie at 17 September, 2004 - 6:45 AM
Pie and I are in end-of-summer denial and have decided that it is time to have an outdoor gathering before it gets too cold to be naked in a tree.
Latest comment: 26 September 04, 5:43 AM

Corn Mo and They Might Be Giants at Recher Theater!
by elfie at 16 September, 2004 - 1:55 AM
Corn Mo just sent me an email to let me know that he and They Might Be Giants will be at the Recher Theater in Towson one week from today! With the Ticketbastard Rape Charge tickets came to about $34 each.
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What happened to HTTP_REFERRER and Request.UrlReferrer?
by elfie at 11 September, 2004 - 10:14 PM
Very short version: Someone found my website through our Kingdom of Loathing thread, thought I was "fucking fucked up" and made a post on his LiveJournal about it.

I was greatly amused and wanted to respond by automatically redirecting all traffic from his journal to random sites like tubgirl and goatsecx. Much to my suprise, however, neither Request.UrlReferrer or Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERRER") seemed to work to retrieve the referring URL. They worked when I tested locally, but when linked from LiveJournal, it didn't work. WTF, mate?

Amazingly document.referrer in JavaScript worked perfectly fine, but that's a rather cludgy solution since the page already starts loading by the time that hits. I'd like an ASPX solution.

Actually what I would REALLY like to do is have it auto-redirect if the referrer contains specific words even if what is being targeted is an image, not an aspx page. I'm not sure if that is doable though. Anyone have any suggestions?
Latest comment: 12 September 04, 11:34 AM

It's Official
by elfie at 02 September, 2004 - 8:49 AM
I start at Bally's on September 13th. It's been a painful process, so I'll spare you the details (unless you really want to know). But Ben and I are working together again which is crazy cool. That's three jobs in a row that I've worked with him.
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The Newest Member of Our Family
by elfie at 22 August, 2004 - 5:32 AM
This is Squishy Boo Lollipop.

But you can call her Little Squish.
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The End is Nigh
by elfie at 11 August, 2004 - 10:11 AM
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Kingdom of Loathing
by elfie at 19 July, 2004 - 9:12 AM

This game is awesome. I am currently a Level 4 Pastamancer of the rank Starch Savant. The three main stats are Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie. I have a familiar named Twinker Ball, which is a 6 pound Mosquito. I am currently equipped with the following:
chef's hat
Spooky Staff
Knob Goblin pants
Mr. Accessory
Pine-Fresh air freshener

You can fight batrats and ratbats, knobb goblins and bars. The local currency is meat. And the end boss? The Naughty Sorceress. Hilarity.
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by elfie at 09 July, 2004 - 4:38 AM
Yup, that's right, Rich is like a thousand years old now. Spank him.
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Javascript question
by elfie at 08 July, 2004 - 7:26 AM
Okay, I don't feel like looking this up right now. How can I find the height of a table using javascript? Meaning, if I set the table height to 100%, how do I find out what the actual height is in pixels? I tried .height and .scrollHeight and neither of those is correct.
Latest comment: 12 July 04, 2:07 PM

Back From the Beach! ... Briefly
by elfie at 07 July, 2004 - 5:21 AM
I've been back from Aruba since Thursday, but just haven't gotten on here yet. It seems I'm busier when I'm unemployed than I was when I was employed. Weird. I am leaving for a different beach, Virginia Beach to be exact, this coming Sunday, so hopefully after that I will be able to catch up a bit on the local happenings and post a bit more actively again.

Until then, I of course have Aruba pictures.
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Holy Crap, I'm Going to Aruba
by elfie at 18 June, 2004 - 7:22 AM
I just bought a round-trip ticket to Aruba. I'll be gone from June 23rd to July 1st. Holy crap. Yay unemployment?
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My Review of the Suicide Girls Show
by elfie at 16 June, 2004 - 8:58 PM
Was it burlesque? Not really
Was it fun anyway? Yes
Did I get covered in chocolate? Yup
Was I subsequently licked by various people? You bet
Overall review? Two thumbs up
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Pyrex Touched My Tra La La
by elfie at 09 June, 2004 - 3:34 AM
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OS Tan Rock
by elfie at 03 June, 2004 - 8:09 AM
Those crazy crazy Japanese. There is now a following for anime girls based off of operating systems. I shit you not. Here is an article with pictures.

Or just skip to the flash animation. (You may notice that there are some clickable moments during the animation.)
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by elfie at 27 May, 2004 - 5:41 AM
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For all you Emo kids out there writing bad poetry about knives while listening to those underground bands
by elfie at 13 May, 2004 - 4:52 AM
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Japanese Reality Television ... Comes to Catonsville?
by elfie at 06 May, 2004 - 5:21 AM
Okay, maybe I just need to stop smoking crack in the morning, but I swear this is what I saw. I was driving up 40 heading East toward 695 after picking up breakfast at the gas station. I noticed a woman walking down the grassy median. Now this would not be so odd except for... well... lots of things.
Latest comment: 06 May 04, 9:34 PM

Jesus Christ Superstar at the Warner Theatre in DC
by elfie at 05 May, 2004 - 5:30 AM
Last night, Pie, Faith, and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Warner in DC. I had of course seen this play before in movie form on television a couple times, but this as my first time seeing it performed live. Faith was in the same boat I was in. Pie mouthed along to every song. I enjoyed it quite thoroughly.
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by elfie at 04 May, 2004 - 9:28 AM
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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Borg Cube... er... Borg Tub?
by elfie at 24 April, 2004 - 1:58 PM
My roomates and I went thrifting today. When Pie and I saw these, we had to have them. Faith was frightened. There are 86 in total, including two movies. The original price was $2 each. The guy there told us we could have them for $1 each. $86 is still more than we wanted to spend, but we agreed to split the price. Then at the register he cut the whole thing down to $30. *glee*
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Since my birthday is coming up in May...
by elfie at 22 April, 2004 - 3:50 AM
Someone is going to get me the Back to the Future DeLorean Replica, right?
Latest comment: 22 April 04, 10:31 AM

something stingy in my eye!
by elfie at 16 April, 2004 - 10:51 AM
augh! fuck! EYE! STINGY! ARGH! *rubs it* fuck shit ass damn!
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Pac-Man Vs.
by elfie at 16 April, 2004 - 9:17 AM
Last night I was meeting with this weird group of arty MICA kids that I argue about video games with every Thursday night. We ran rather late last night, but our fearless leader asked us if we'd stay another 7 minutes just to try one game real quick. We ended up staying another hour and a half.

Pac-Man Vs. has got to be one of the best and most fun multiplayer console games I've played in a long time. Perhaps the most ingenious due to its innovativeness and simplicity.
Latest comment: 18 April 04, 5:54 PM

Choose Your Own Adventure
by elfie at 15 April, 2004 - 6:26 AM
A very old friend of mine.... like... before you, Rich... sent me this yesterday. I found it rather amusing and I wanted to pass it along. Make sure you follow-through at the end.

Kip is my hero.
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Invader Zim FINALLY on DVD!
by elfie at 14 April, 2004 - 2:14 AM
Invader Zim vol 1: Doom Doom Doom

I cannot begin to tell you the joy that this brings me!

Ben, if... err... WHEN you buy this, make sure I'm on your "share it with your friends" list. I'll DEFINITELY get it too and we can share the discount.
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by elfie at 12 April, 2004 - 5:08 AM
Err, well, I HAD a dream anyway... that Rich was getting married, but for some reason I wasn't invited to the ceremony, just the reception, but someone had drugged Rich as a prank (it was you, wasn't it Ben) and he was passed out when he was supposed to go to the ceremony, so I had to wake him up and get him there, so I ended up at the ceremony anyway, and I was sitting next to this girl who reminded me of that Texas girl I used to date, except the girl I was sitting next to was blonde, and she mentioned Rich's bride's name and it was Katie, and I was like "Katie Spadone?" and she said yes, but you don't know a Katie Spadone, do you Rich, though I'm not completely sure that's how you spell it, and I couldn't find her on Google, but in case you ever meet her, just remember, she was my elementary school girlfriend when we were like 9.

Ahem, yeah I think I need more caffeine this morning... or maybe less.
Latest comment: 13 April 04, 6:27 AM

People are Stupid
by elfie at 08 April, 2004 - 12:06 PM
Based on the statistics at the very bottom, I would say that 1-2% of the people they quizzed were purposely giving incorrect answers.... either that or 1-2% of them are fucking idiots rather than simply being terribly misguided.

1066 and all that: how Hollywood is giving Britain a false sense of history
Latest comment: 24 March 14, 11:07 AM

Mary Prankster: Recorded Live at Fletcher's on April 3, 2004
by elfie at 04 April, 2004 - 6:03 PM
So Rich, Ben, what'd you kids think? I had a great freakin time. Did either of you pick up the new CD? Guess what! I'm on it! I don't want to screw up your table spacing by pasting the picture on here. ;) But I've got it up on my website.

You might also notice some musical goodness on there. She played two songs that have never been (and probably never will be) recorded for an album. Fortunately, my camera did a great job of capturing them.
Latest comment: 05 April 04, 3:51 AM

Otakon 2004 Group Pre-Registration
by elfie at 31 March, 2004 - 7:58 AM
Hey kids, I'm getting together a Group-Rate Pre-Registration for Otakon 2004, and I wanted to find out if anyone here wanted to get in on the action.

If you have no idea what Otakon is, it's a huge anime and video game convenation at the Baltimore Convention Center every year. This year it's Friday July 31st to Sunday August 2nd. Their website is and I have pictures from the last two years up on my site.
Latest comment: 31 March 04, 11:58 AM

Final Fantasy Crystal Origin Tactic Chronicles Advance XI-2
by elfie at 29 March, 2004 - 7:23 AM
So I came to the realization the other day that I am currently in the process of playing not one, not two, but three Final Fantasy games concurrently. I have three non-PC video games systems and I'm playing a Final Fantasy game on each of them. This realization has made me decide that I'm going to bless you all with my babblings about each of them. (And yes, I'm going to stick amazon links all over this sucker. No bitching.)
Latest comment: 29 March 04, 12:03 PM

Can You Escape the Crimson Room?
by elfie at 24 March, 2004 - 9:34 AM
Latest comment: 03 July 04, 1:11 PM

This deserves Linkination
by elfie at 17 March, 2004 - 7:06 AM
Latest comment: 18 March 04, 9:58 AM

Wrestlemania 20 Top 20 Moments
by elfie at 15 March, 2004 - 5:21 AM
1. Ultimo Dragon falling down... twice
2. Brock being booed out of the arena
3. Excessive camel toe during the evening gown match
4. Undertaker being 50% less stupid
5. Molly being shaved
6. HHH losing
7. ... uhmmm... something... where umm...
8. crap.. well there was uhh...
9. you know, when that uhh... the match with ummm...
10. the one where... damnit
11. there had to be something else that didn't suck
12. what about that match with...
13. no, that was lame too
14. oh! that one time where they went outside of the ring area!
15. nevermind, that didn't happen.
16. oh oh, what about...
17. no that was stupid.
18. oh the ladders and the tables and and... shit.. nevermind
19. uhhhhhhhhh.......
20. Am I still drunk?
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by elfie at 10 March, 2004 - 7:43 AM
I thought this group might find this particular silly-online-quiz somewhat intersting:
Latest comment: 01 October 04, 4:23 AM

Martha Guilty On All Counts
by elfie at 05 March, 2004 - 10:16 AM
Latest comment: 05 March 04, 10:16 AM

musical mixing mania
by elfie at 04 March, 2004 - 8:59 AM
I don't think most of you will care, but Ben told me to post this anyway, and you all know I do whatever Ben tells me.

I sometiems make mix CDs and give them to my friends when I think they might like one of them. I just finished making a section of my website that has track listings and whatnot. I'm going to start printing this URL the CD labels:
Latest comment: 05 March 04, 1:24 PM

Get back to work, Ben...
by elfie at 01 March, 2004 - 9:49 AM

Get back to work, Ben, and stop pointing out silly things like this.

Latest comment: 01 March 04, 10:34 AM

What cybernetic enhancement / wearable device do you want?
by elfie at 17 February, 2004 - 5:54 AM
I've been thinking about this for the last couple days. I'm not sure why. But, if you could have any cybernetic enhancement what would it be? Or if you don't really want anything built-in, what about super-compact wearable devices?
Latest comment: 19 February 04, 8:40 AM

The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army
by elfie at 16 February, 2004 - 4:57 AM$2236

This almost made me late to work, but it was worth it.
Latest comment: 16 February 04, 6:06 AM

Even Cooler than the Penguin!!
by elfie at 10 February, 2004 - 8:52 AM

This game is amazingly cool if you like quest type games. I don't want to give it away, but you really should play it. The soundtrack alone is fantastic. And it's quite an inpressive group of people who put it together considering it's a free online flash game. Probably the best one I've ever played.

It's even got great replay value, because after you beat it there are some gameplay changes to make things more interesting. Don't worry, there's a strategy guide if you get stuck.

I think this could make us even more popular than Hey Ya Charlie Brown!
Latest comment: 11 February 04, 11:59 AM

Peppermint Compatti?
by elfie at 09 February, 2004 - 3:58 AM
I saw this ad over on User Friendly this morning and I just thought to myself "my goodness, that girl looks absolutely terrified to be kissing that guy." Am I wrong here? I mean... does she look terrified to you? Or is that constipation?

Latest comment: 09 February 04, 7:38 AM

*does a happy little Kenya dance*
by elfie at 30 January, 2004 - 10:19 AM
Latest comment: 02 February 04, 5:27 AM

i m teh tired (aka, bitch-moan-complain)
by elfie at 27 January, 2004 - 6:00 AM
I am so goddamn tired right now and I want a steak, but the place we usually go to for lunch only has really big expensive steaks and I want a smaller one, and I think Hard Rock has them in the size I want, but that's way the fuck over there and expensive anyway and and and... this is SO not about a damn steak.
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Hey Ya, Charlie Brown!
by elfie <