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Wireless USB
Previous | Next by elfie 10 April, 2006 - 9:04 AM

Does such a thing exist? I don't mean wireless networking via USB. I mean a USB hub (again, not networking) that is not physically attached to the computer, but is instead connected via some sort of radio transmitter or bluetooth or something and plugs into the wall for power. Something where you could plug a USB device into a computer that is on the other side of the room. Am I making any sense? Does this exist?

4/10/2006 >> muhgcee

You are making sense, but I don't think it exists.

4/10/2006 >> Dan

Nope and not possible. Wireless USB = Bluetooth. But your not able to use it with more then one device at a time. But if you explain the type of peg and the type of hole your trying to make it fit in. I'm sure someone here can provide a solution or a big enough hammer.

4/11/2006 >> elfie

Why wouldn't it be possible? Sure the USB connection would be at wireless speeds, but why couldn't there be a little plug-it-into-an-outlet box with USB ports that sends all its USB info to a wireless receiver plugged into your PC, again via USB?

The problem I'm trying to solve is that my laptop lives under my TV, but the sexy wireless keyboard and mouse live on the other side of the room between the couches. If I have some random peripheral, like a camera or my swank new Harmony 880 remote that I want to plug into the laptop, I don't want to have to reach around the PS2s to fiddle with plugging it in to the back of the laptop, go back to the couch to click whatever I need to click (because I'm not using a 63 inch monitor from a foot away), then go back to fiddling with the USB ports on the back of the laptop so I can unplug said peripheral, hoping I don't accidentally unplug the IR receiver while I'm over there...

Now, I've run wires for ethernet and cable and whatnot already, but I don't remember seeing any faceplates for USB.

4/11/2006 >> Dan

USB cables are limited to 15' unless you use powered repeaters. That is why you did not find any face plates.

I think USB over IP is the a solution for you. It overcomes the 15' limit of USB cables. But its expensive (but geeky)

But you still going to need a KVM switch with USB support so you can use the same same keyboard with both machines. I'm assuming your kybd is USB. Then you still have to get up and hit the switch on the switch.

I think the easier/cheaper solution is to buy a new wireless keyboard with a built in trackball/touchpad and a USB hub for the laptop to easily connect your devices without flubbing around the back of the laptop.

4/11/2006 >> elfie

I'm confused.

On your first solution, why would the USB over IP require a KVM switch?

And on your second solution, why would I want a new wireless keyboard when the one I've got works just fine and I fucking hate touchpads and trackballs?

4/11/2006 >> Dan

1. Because what ever you input would be echoed to both machines without a switch.
2a. Because you do not want to have to get off the couch and grab your spiffy kybd and hit the keyboard switch.
2b. Two spiffy kybs are always better than one when some clumsy fool spills "x" liquid on your spiffy kybd.
2c. You sit on our couch and do what you want to laptop without using a separate mouse. Unless you want a separate mouse. Then just get another wireless kybd and mouse for the laptop.

Option 3: Find another receiver for your wireless kybd from e-bay. Then you just have to press the little buttons on the bottom of the devices to link them up.

4/11/2006 >> elfie

okay, somewhere in here you have added a scond computer to my living room. There is only one computer, the laptop, so only one keyboard and mouse needed. :) And yes, I like my separate mouse.

I also REALLY like the USB over Ethernet. That would be perfect if it weren't so expensive.

4/11/2006 >> elfie

Update: Belkin makes exactly what I'm looking for and it's way cheaper than the USB over IP :)

Belkin CableFree USB Hub Enables Instant Wireless Connectivity of USB Devices

Of course I can't seem to find it actually for SALE anywhere.....

4/11/2006 >> elfie

Updated update: delayed until July.... I'll just be patient then.

Though I think it would be more asthetically pleasing with the power supply on the opposite side.

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