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Previous | Next by elfie 16 April, 2006 - 11:04 PM

So Pie and I had fun for a while playing Urban Dead until all of our characters leveled up as high as they could go. And over the last couple days, we've both been playing a lot of Adventure Quest. This, compounded with our enjoyment for watching each other play Dragon Quest VIII, has led me to the theory that we might actually enjoy playing an MMORPG of some sort together.

Now some of you may recall that I have a moral objection to the notion of paying $30-$50 for a video game and then paying another $5-$15 a month for the privilege of actually playing said video game. This eliminates a lot of options, because I still find that business model to be gaaaaaaaaaaaaay. The only exception to this model that I know of is Guild Wars, which does not have a monthly fee, but also does not have a downloadable demo... and I'm not up for an $80 investment (for the two of us) in something that we might not end up liking all that much.

Now I do have a possible solution to the demo problem. Ben has offered to let us borrow his account to see if we like Guild Wars enough to want to buy it. I don't think we'll be able to play together with the one account, but this'll at least give us a reasonable try-before-you-buy. I'd still like to explore other options though. What else is good out there in the MMORPG market that doesn't take the Rape You Twice approach? Preferably something with a freakin downloadable demo...

Oh, also of note: it would be freakin awesome of there were something we could get for the PS2 because we have two of those hooked up to the living room TV with sexy split-screen action, and we can sit together all cute and stuff on the couch, whereas at our computers we're separated by like 6 feet. But I'm pretty sure that all of the console options require a monthly fee on top of the initial purchase price. Bastards.

4/17/2006 >> jay

I have a guild wars account that you could borrow, drop me a line @ gerdalti[at]gmail[dot]com

4/17/2006 >> muhgcee

Want to try my guild wars account too, and then buy it from me if you like it? I never play, just because I don't have time.

4/18/2006 >> elfie

You guys are BOTH awesome. Thank you VERY much.

4/18/2006 >> muhgcee

I want my damn award. :-P

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